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This is the review about my LACER/ACTIONS artworks recently wrote by a famous Italian ART reviewer, Lino Lazzari, journalist, writer, one of the historic leaders of art communication in Italy, author of essays and studies, including the monumental books about “Accademia Carrara”.

One of the fundamental principles of physics says: “In nature nothing is created, nothing is destroyed”. “Nothing is created” because each reality that is invented by men, comes from a pre-existing reality and “nothing is destroyed” because a reality defined as “destroyed” or ” consumed” it is actually “re-created” or converted, buying a whole new identity.

And that is what Roberto Alborghetti can do with posters that appear on walls or on the expositive spaces in the streets of our cities, “destroyed” by the time, or torn by unknown. The interest for those posters that, while being exhibited in public, clearly appeared, no longer exists. There remain only shreds of paper, colourful images of which you can’t “read” anything of the advertisement that was announced before, meaningless “things” to be thrown in the incinerator.

Roberto Alborghetti, however with a surprising insight, thought to give those images a new identity, to transform them into other images, in a word, to re-create them. But for which purpose?

Easy for him, but unimaginable for us.

The purpose of this “re-creative” act was that to snap what remained of those “pieces” and, perhaps, drawing meaningful “artistic subjects.” Impractical project? Not at all. Looking carefully at these completely insignificant remainders, it’s possible to notice that these remainders are really “artistic subjects” with precise, new messages, completely different from the original and from those which had the poster when it had been posted up. Saying that Roberto Alborghetti has managed to do all this, is simple observation.

Those “tears” of posters, “re-created” by Roberto Alborghetti, have become true artist’s paintings: at first glance they can be attributed to contemporary avant-garde painters, with authentic and precise messages on which our attention should linger. The observers may see in these paintings blue skies and seas, beautiful sunrises and sunsets: the scenery would call “bucolic” and so on. All this with a clear and understandable “language”.

As described here, can all this be defined as artistic expression? I would say so. In fact “Pop Art” has done the same, so it isn’t difficult to associate the pictures of Roberto Alborghetti to the real ‘”Pop Art”. There is both the “creativity” of the artist and his sensitivity to the beauty of chromatic variations, his emotions for those images which really lead to the marvellous vision of new reality “ri-created” by a lively fantasy and a genuine poetic feeling that can’t leave nobody indifferent. Visual art is all that, thanks to the imprinted images on canvas or on sculptures, can arouse feelings in a context of values that can be deeply appreciated.

For what concerns the technical side, it requires a just settlement of the spaces (we refer in particular to painting), a chromatic, harmonious “game” or a balanced structural composition, an image that is not static but, on the contrary, in continuous movement. The “paintings” by Roberto Alborghetti have all these features, so the great appreciation from the artistic critique goes to this artist.

We are confident that Roberto Alborghetti will continue this artistic “journey” because he doesn’t lack the artistic ability. And the successes obtained with the presentation of his works in several shows will continue to occur. His paintings deserve attention: from those “torn pieces” of billboards, now “re-created”, comes an authentic message of poetry, of serenity, of admiration for everything that objectivity can present as beautiful and artistic. The material used to create a work of art and to convey positive messages of humanity isn’t as important as the ability to use “tears” of coloured paper to exalt the features of a reality that becomes a striking, persuasive image for what concerns the dictates of visual art.

Roberto Alborghetti has given evidence.

Lino Lazzari

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I’m Roberto Alborghetti, journalist, writer, photographer and visual artist. It has been a long time that I works on my project named “Lacer/Actions”, a research concerning ripped advertisings, torn papers and torn posters. I have taken thousands of pictures from city walls all over the world. Abstract and visionary images become art works, reproduced on canvas or other materials (textiles, paper, glass…) I think it’s a new “dimension of colors” that invites us to discover that in the reality “we may see things that we don’t even imagine”. In fact we find it difficult to think that behind faded and torn messages there may still be “something” to be seen or discovered. But these lacerated images continue to be a mirror of the talking city. For me, in the lacerated advertisings is recognizable the “unwrapped” city, self-destroying in the messages, self-regenerating and self-reproducing in new visual elements, often contradictory, dissonant, discordant, but still surprisingly vital.

Some of my “Lacer/Actions” artworks were shown in a booklet-portfolio that collects a very little selection of the images (about 30.000) that I took till…today. I’m also invited to lead workshops about my artworks. In July 2010, thirty thousand people visited my showcase “The Four Elements of LaceR/Actions” during the three days exhibition at Oriocenter (Milano Bergamo Orio Airport). My artworks are also taking part of experiences about sensorial and emotional perception (sinestesys) concerning kinesiologic tests.

I’m here, to share my adventure with you…


Sono Roberto Alborghetti, giornalista professionista, autore di saggi e biografie, fotografo, artista visuale. Ho creato il progetto “LACER/AZIONI”. Da anni ho l’hobby di “catturare”, in giro per il mondo, particolari e dettagli dell’apparente caos della carta lacerata delle affissioni. Ho raccolto migliaia di immagini che giocano a contaminarsi con stili, forme ed espressioni diversi. Trasferiti su tele, riprodotti su litografia o scansionati in un videoclip, i particolari delle lacerazioni pubblicitarie riprendono nuova vita e ragione di essere. Nel 2009 ho pubblicato un album-portfolio che raccoglie una ristretta selezione delle immagini – finora oltre 30.000 – impressionate in giro per il mondo nel corso della mia  ricerca dedicata ai particolari di quella che, appunto, chiamo la (pubbli)città strappata. L’attività collegata a questo progetto, mi ha visto tenere diversi workshops nelle scuole. Le immagini hanno inoltre suggerito la sperimentazione di test kinesiologici sugli effetti sensoriali e sinestetici. Nel luglio 2010 ho tenuto una mostra presso Oriocenter (Aeroporto di Bergamo Orio al Serio) visitata da oltre trentamila persone. Il tema dell’esposizione: “Acqua,Terra, Fuoco, Aria”. LACER/AZIONI è condiviso sul web attraverso MySpace, Artslant, Facebook, YouTube, BlipTv, WordPress. In una serie di videoclip – realizzati con il contributo musicale di artisti emergenti – il linguaggio delle immagini si fonde con quello della musica, originando a sua volta nuovi flussi e frammenti sonori e visivi. Una mia tela – intitolata “C’è del caos, ma con punto focale”, 42 x 62 cm – è stata scelta per il  nascente Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Mercatello sul Metauro (PU).



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