Meeting in Como with the creator of textiles design internationally known. He worked for Capucci, Lacroix, Valentino, Lancetti, Mila Schon, Chanel, Celine, Dior, YSL, Etro, Escada, Donna Karan, Paul Smith, Rolando Santana … And he’s interested too in my “laceR/Actions” artworks.


Bruno Boggia. Drawings. It says so the simple plate of the front door, in the building of Via Pietro da Breggia 3, a short walk from the shores of Lake Como. Moreover, there are no other ways to submit a study that for nearly sixty works in textile design, creating prototypes that are known and bought in the world. “Boggia” is a prestigious and historic brand. And, without rhetoric, helps to represent the national creativity, that’s the pride and honor of Italy.

Visiting the Boggia Studio, personally knowing the founder and animator – Bruno -, attending the working stages of his team, is an experience that lets you travel into the emotions of color and history of a small company that, from the heart of Como, has landed in the most important “maisons” of international fashion. Bruno Boggia is now a young man of 83 years who, every day, has the strength to find, in his work, creative spirit and motivation of life and desire to do and discover. It goes like this ever since – a child – he liked to scribble figures on a few sheets of paper he could find around the house. Born in Carate, always on the shores of Lake Como, a childhood lived simple and humble as it was for most kids at that time, thrown through the difficulties of an era marked by war.

The passion for drawing led him to Milan to attend the Academy Cimabue, with an examination at the Brera. Bruno remembers, not without emotion, which at that time had no money to buy oil paint and then make do as best he could, because the desire to draw and express themselves was too strong. Boggia Bruno says: “It was very poor then. Do not fare well. And the difficulties were many, including me. Therefore, the design was also a way to earn a personal freedom, to build dreams. I had confidence and I did. Even if every day there is always something to learn … The design for me is life. It’s the dream. It ‘s all. “

In 1953, Bruno Boggia set up his studio in Como. Extends drawings and sketches for textiles, especially silk, because Como city means silk too. As with all beginnings, the road is uphill. But day after day Bruno’s designs attracted interest, provoke astonishment. Orders arrive, even from abroad, where the Boggia Studio is appreciated for its creativity and rigorous style. Aspects that characterize today’s production and activity of Boggia brand. Bruno work together with her daughter Lucia and a specialized team of designers. He offered his own artistic expression signatures to important Houses for haute couture and pret-a-porter: Capucci, Lacroix, Valentino, Lancetti, Mila Schon, Chanel, Celine, Dior, YSL, Etro, Escada, Donna Karan, Paul Smith, Rolando Santana. The work of Bruno Boggia is critical to the success of a brand. His contribution is a “behind the scenes, often unknown and far away from the catwalk. But there is no doubt what the design affect the consensus generated from a fashion line. And as the design and overall influence on the final image of a leader. Those of Boggia are exclusive designs and custom over the years have helped to establish a unique creative archive.

Today, as always, Boggia Bruno loves to discover and to face with new ideas and experiments. He loves being in touch with artists and painters, to whom are offered opportunities of expression and commitment. And Bruno Boggia was easy tuned into my “LaceR/ Actions” pics. Seeing some of my artworks reproduced on the album published by Velar-portfolio or on a computer screen, he tells me plainly that he likes them and that he likes the idea through which are “products”. Moreover, he has attracted and fascinated by abstract shapes and coloristic vibrations emanating from the mix of colors. I am confident that, armed with his camera, he never loses an opportunity to capture details and particulars of the things around us. And he show me the subjects on the screen of his digital Canon. They are images of the transparency of glass of a bottle of water, the holes of the speakers of a TV screen, the veins of the leaf of a plant. He also shows me drawing sheets obtained in France and in Eastern Europe. It is delighted by the color and its shape. He says that the images are music. And light and energy.

Boggia Bruno tells me that its productions are unaware of the crisis. And there are orders from abroad, China included, where the Studio collected a great deal. A big success in a continent where silk production is a tradition, as well as a driving force economically. Yet Boggia has surprised even the Chinese with his own “Silk Road”. “If there is good work, there is no crisis,” he says. And every day, he continues to operate in his studio, seeing, suggesting, planning and creating. Every now and then, he looks up and throws a glance over the windows, to the waters of the lake, where many colors are reflected. The nature, in this warm spring, cannot fail to fascinate Bruno Boggia, artist of the drawing.


Text and photographs by Roberto Alborghetti



In pictures: Bruno Boggia with his daughter Lucy, and some production of silk scarves.