My videoclip titled “LACER/ACTIONS – RADIATIONS” wants to insinuate a little doubt in who think that the best solution for our lives is brollin’ the planet… The clip shows nine of my recents artworks. The images are ripped papers that I captured along the streets of Rome, Milan, Amsterdam and London. They intend to suggest chromatic sense and sensations about radiations emergency and nuclear problems.

The 28 seconds of pics and music (Bandroid by Cracknation ) end up with a slogan: “CLEAR-NU-CLEAR”. Colors and shapes want to express the strength of a message: “Givin’ proof with nuclear power station of the same unselfishness for human life is the worse betrayal that could be done to Hiroshima’s victims”. (Kenzaburo Oe, Nobel Prize).

Click and see:


 “LaceR/Actions”is a multidisciplinary project and research about urban landscapes, especially concerning the apparent chaos of ripped papers from billboards and advertisings diplays. I have so far collected more than 24.000 images. Impressed by photocamera and transferred on canvas, reproduced on lithographs or textiles, or scanned in a video clip, the details of torn advertisings give new life to paper lacerations.

I think that in the lacerated advertisings is recognizable the “unwrapped” city, self-destroying in the messages, self-regenerating and self-reproducing in new visual elements, often contradictory, dissonant, discordant, but still surprisingly vital.

Some “Lacer/Actions” artworks were published in a booklet-portfolio: Pics of torn (publi)city”. In July 2010, thirty thousand people visited my show “The Four Elements of LaceR/Actions” during the three days exhibition at Oriocenter (Milano Bergamo Orio Airport, Italy).Myartworks are also taking part of experiences about sensorial and emotional perceptions (sinestesys) concerning kinesiologic tests.




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