There are 12 “newcomers” in the “2011 Historical Places of Italy”, published by
Associazione Locali Storici d’Italia. In honor of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy the guide  reports details of 35 historical places that hosted episodes of unification during the
Risorgimento period.
Unique, reviewed by the Italian press alongside the most important national
leaders, the 2011 edition talks about two hundred thirty-two 
prestigious hotels, restaurants, bakeries, confectioneries, grapperia and
literary cafes that have made the history of Italian Country and where are kept 
environments, atmosphere, decor, memorabilia, and even products of unequaled
beauty and taste.
Details, curious and unusual incidents of Italian Risorgimento are mentioned in this guide. In
the Flower of Turin in 1821, they plotted to poison Carlo Alberto the King. The prime minister Cavour was sitting at the Exchange every day. Garibaldi dine in the fort against the Saracens of the Bai of Genoa… The Des Iles Borromèes Stresa was created by Bixio, the patriot who led the
assault boat of Laveno. At the Royal Victoria Pisa scientists hosted the first
Italian culture combined. At the Crown Restaurant in San Sebastian Curone, the
owner was the cook-target Lamarmora general in the Crimean War. Insurgents met
themselves at the Cafe Florian Manin in Venice.

Illustrated by painter Gianni Renna, and directed by journalist Claudio Guagnini, the guide counts 250 pages (Italian and English edition). It can be collected free of charge at the headquarters
of the premises or associated. Who wish to receive it by post, taking
responsibility for the postage, can make contact with the
secretary of the Association, using the form on the contacts page on the site:


Grand Hotel Cavour – Florence
Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci – Florence
Babington’s Tea Rooms – Rome
Antica Osteria Crotto Sergeant – Como
Osteria Enoteca Al Brindisi – Ferrara
Pastry Switzerland Vital Gaspero – Genoa
La Botte Restaurant, Monreale, Palermo
Restaurant Antica Trattoria Al Gallo, Ravenna
Hotel Al Sole, Marco Palace, Venice
Albergo Quattro Fontane – Venice
Antico Caffè Dante – Verona
Pippo Trattoria da Ugo, Neirone – Genoa


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