Also in London the traditional ads billboards have been replaced by electronic or plastic displays. So, for me, it was not so easy to find papers lacerations. But the luck helps who dares… and who opens the doors of perception.

During my recent stay in the city, I had the way to “capture” some interesting images. They were located in central areas, but not so visible to absent-minded passers-by. Me too I had to keep my eyes open wide to discover them. For instance, in Spitafields, along Bishopgates and Shoreditch High Street, I caught some curious lacerations.

They were white paper tracks left on blue coloured billboards. Nice effects: they seemed to me as a sort of elusive ghosts or some misterious signs indicating a path in the urban jungle… They are nine images from that hidden city that wants to keep inside all its colored secrets. A city so close to us, but often so far from our eyes.

Here’s the clip I produced (at Animoto) with those images; the soundtrack is “Don’t mind” by Stukenberg.