In a 30 seconds videoclip, Roberto Alborghetti ‘s images of ripped ads introduce a preview of the forthcoming Jap Jap album “The Ever Expanding Light”.


Lacer/Actions” street-artworks by Roberto Alborghetti meet Jap Jap music in a videoclip titled “The Ever Expanding Light”. Made at Animoto, the video shows nine images from the huge collection of Roberto Alborghetti about ripped advertisings. The soundtrack is a preview of the new Jap Jap soon to be released album. His relaxing music – ethereal chillout ambient electronica with the occasional processed guitars and signature style layered vocals – suggested to Roberto Alborghetti the idea to work on some images supporting the music.

The result is a 30 seconds clip out now with the same title of the new album “The Ever Expanding Light”. Jap Jap and Roberto Alborghetti are very happy about this collaboration borned and created trough the web (YouTube, MySpace, Animoto and Facebook) where we may found another clip made at the beginning of 2010 (title: “Sky”, with the soundtrack “Winds of change”). The evocative, suggestive and dream-like sound of Jap Jap goes very well together with the “Lacer/Actions” images that Roberto Alborghetti takes from city walls and ads billboards all around the world. The clip gathers and mixes up different languages, from street art to video art, from music to photography. It’s a good chance to listen to the title track of Jap Jap forthcoming album (it’s due out in october).

Jap Jap (Jasper Boer, is a musician and composer based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). “The Ever Expanding Light” album is the accumulation of several years of hard work in the studio. “It really means a lot to me”, says Jap Jap, who draws inspiration from shoegaze, dreampop, synthpop, postrock and electronica chill out genre artists Ulrich Schnauss and Manual: a blend of ambient electronica and structures, melodies, and rhythms. A connection between the elongated ambience of Boards of Canada and the guitar-sourced drones and sweeps of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Echoing chords, playful melodies and lush, warm sounds: Jap Jap is enchanting and epic. So, watch and listen to the “The Ever Expanding Light” clip!