This is the review about my artworks “LACER/ACTIONS” recently wrote by a famous Italian critic, Lino Lazzari, journalist, writer, one of the historic leaders of art communication in Italy, author of essays and studies, including the monumental books about “Accademia Carrara”.


One of the fundamental principles of physics says: “In nature nothing is created, nothing is destroyed”. “Nothing is created” because each reality that is invented by men, comes from a pre-existing reality and “nothing is destroyed” because a reality defined as “destroyed” or ” consumed” it is actually “re-created” or converted, buying a whole new identity.

And that is what Roberto Alborghetti can do with posters that appear on walls or on the expositive spaces in the streets of our cities, “destroyed” by the time, or torn by unknown. The interest for those posters that, while being exhibited in public, clearly appeared, no longer exists. There remain only shreds of paper, colourful images of which you can’t “read” anything of the advertisement that was announced before, meaningless “things” to be thrown in the incinerator.

Roberto Alborghetti, however with a surprising insight, thought to give those images a new identity, to transform them into other images, in a word, to re-create them. But for which purpose?

Easy for him, but unimaginable for us.

The purpose of this “re-creative” act was that to snap what remained of those “pieces” and, perhaps, drawing meaningful “artistic subjects.” Impractical project? Not at all. Looking carefully at these completely insignificant remainders, it’s possible to notice that these remainders are really “artistic subjects” with precise, new messages, completely different from the original and from those which had the poster when it had been posted up. Saying that Roberto Alborghetti has managed to do all this, is simple observation.

Those “tears” of posters, “re-created” by Roberto Alborghetti, have become true artist’s paintings: at first glance they can be attributed to contemporary avant-garde painters, with authentic and precise messages on which our attention should linger. The observers may see in these paintings blue skies and seas, beautiful sunrises and sunsets: the scenery would call “bucolic” and so on. All this with a clear and understandable “language”.

As described here, can all this be defined as artistic expression? I would say so. In fact “Pop Art” has done the same, so it isn’t difficult to associate the pictures of Roberto Alborghetti to the real ‘”Pop Art”. There is both the “creativity” of the artist and his sensitivity to the beauty of chromatic variations, his emotions for those images which really lead to the marvellous vision of new reality “ri-created” by a lively fantasy and a genuine poetic feeling that can’t leave nobody indifferent. Visual art is all that, thanks to the imprinted images on canvas or on sculptures, can arouse feelings in a context of values that can be deeply appreciated.

For what concerns the technical side, it requires a just settlement of the spaces (we refer in particular to painting), a chromatic, harmonious “game” or a balanced structural composition, an image that is not static but, on the contrary, in continuous movement. The “paintings” by Roberto Alborghetti have all these features, so the great appreciation from the artistic critique goes to this artist.

We are confident that Roberto Alborghetti will continue this artistic “journey” because he doesn’t lack the artistic ability. And the successes obtained with the presentation of his works in several shows will continue to occur. His paintings deserve attention: from those “torn pieces” of billboards, now “re-created”, comes an authentic message of poetry, of serenity, of admiration for everything that objectivity can present as beautiful and artistic. The material used to create a work of art and to convey positive messages of humanity isn’t as important as the ability to use “tears” of coloured paper to exalt the features of a reality that becomes a striking, persuasive image for what concerns the dictates of visual art.

Roberto Alborghetti has given evidence.

Lino Lazzari


 The clip wants to support the european “campaign” of Surfrider Foundation Europe  for the adoption of a moratorium on all new European offshore oil rig activities.

 My “Lacer/Actions” against oil spill disasters. A videoclip based on my artworks wants to be a message about what has happened in Gulf of Mexico and in other places of the world. Nine images – selected from my pictures of torn ad billboards – meet the sound of Pure Dream Ladder.

Title of clip: S.O.S – StopOilSpill. Time: 32 seconds. Ripped and torn papers of ad billboards want to tell when “…the Sea Waters rose and screamed all their fury” against who are destroying our planet… An SOS to stop oil spills in our seas.

The clip wants to encourage the european “campaign” to demand the adoption of a moratorium on all new European offshore oil rig activities.This activity is promoted by Surfrider Foundation Europe. “A number of measures – says Surfrider – are urgently required for existing oil-drilling rigs, namely comprehensive regulations that would eliminate waste and chemical disposal from offshore oil-drilling rigs, impose stringent safety measures capable of preventing oil spill risks and limiting of greenhouse gas emissions by these installations. For these reasons, we state unequivocally that renewable sources of energy must be systematically prioritized over fossil fuels. Our sole demand: Stop Oil Spill!”


Sign the SURFRIDER FOUNDATION petition !

Find the petition on:


This year the open-air exhibition of sun shades is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, with works created by Tonino Guerra and produced by the craft’s workshop “Bottega Pascucci” in Gambettola.


Before the introduction of sun umbrellas, big rectangular tents were hung on wooden poles stuck in the sand, in order to give shelter to tourists on the beach. Thanks to the intuition of Nobel Prize Dario Fo, these sunshades have become big canvas for painting on, giving life to a real open air art exhibition in an unusual and at the same time enchanting scenery.
Each year, in Cesenatico (Riviera Adriatica, Italy) the open-air exhibition of sun shades is dedicated to the works of a different artist: the first was
Dario Fo (1998), followed by Tono Zancanaro (2000), Emanuele Luzzati (2001), Bruno Munari (2003) and Federico Fellini (2006).

This edition – an opening ceremony was held on Friday 8th of July at 5.30pm on the beach of Piazza Costa – is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, with works created by the Master Tonino Guerra realized by the craft’s workshop “Bottega Pascucci” of Gambettola.

The sunshades in the past were the typical furniture on the whole beach of Cesenatico. Visitors and tourists have the possibility to admire them and relax themselves under the pleasant shadow.

For informations and hotel reservations please contact:

Viale Roma, 112 – 47042 Cesenatico (FC) – tel. + 39 0547/673287 –
800 556 900 – fax + 39 0547/673288



Con una dedica speciale al 150° anniversario dell’Unità Nazionale Tonino Guerra ritorna protagonista delle ‘Tende al mare’ di Cesenatico, dopo il clamoroso successo ottenuto un’estate fa dalle sue coloratissime Poesie nel sole.

Viva l’Italia: questo è il titolo del ciclo figurativo ispirato all’epopea risorgimentale ed alle imprese garibaldine, appositamente preparato dal celebre artista di Santarcangelo per la manifestazione cesenaticense, giunta quest’anno alla sua quattordicesima edizione.

Le immagini, che accolgono con festa e ironia i simboli della nostra storia, sono quelle oramai iconiche della vicenda artistica di Guerra, scaturite dall’inesauribile, eclettico estro di un artista capace di esaltare, in qualunque suo gesto, la bellezza nascosta nelle cose che ci circondano e nei luoghi del nostro vivere. E’dunque nell’unità di una bellezza diffusa che l’omaggio di Tonino Guerra alla storia patria trova la sua piena espressione a Cesenatico.

Le venti ‘tende tricolori’, che dall’ 8 luglio verranno quotidianamente issate nel centralissimo tratto di arenile, fra il Grand Hotel ed il Grattacielo, sono state ideate e disegnate da Guerra e realizzate dalla Stamperia Pascucci di Gambettola, in un perfetto connubio di arte ed artigianato.

Le tecniche tradizionali della stampa a mano della bottega Pascucci e il tocco di unicità dato dalla pittura, coniugati all’inventiva ed alla creatività di Guerra, fanno di questi manufatti dei veri e propri, inimitabili oggetti artistici, che rievocano i caratteristici ‘ripari dal sole’ delle spiagge romagnole, da tempo scomparsi e sostituiti dai più normali ombrelloni ed altri arredi balneari.

Le “Tende al mare” sono nate nel 1998, su iniziativa del Comune di Cesenatico e dell’Istituto regionale per i beni culturali, in occasione della mostra dedicata a Dario Fo e a Franca Rame, rinnovandosi poi di anno in anno grazie all’apporto di noti artisti e di giovani studenti delle più rinomate accademie italiane.

All’odierna edizione hanno collaborato l’Associazione «Tonino Guerra» di Pennabilli, l’«Antica Stamperia Pascucci» di Gambettola e, come negli anni passati, la Cooperativa Bagnini di Cesenatico.

Durante tutto il periodo della scenografica installazione ‘ a mare’ di Viva l’Italia, sarà possibile visitare una mostra di studi e bozzetti originali di Tonino Guerra allestita nella sala ‘La Legnaia’ di Casa Moretti.



One week dedicated to street culture. Hundreds of “street dancers” coming from all Europe. Stages and courses with well-known teachers. And the live-show “Art tells Art” with the participation of international writers.

Here we are… inside one of the most important event of this italian summer. From 10th till 17th of July 2011 Cesenatico – one of the most beautiful resort city in Italy (Riviera Adriatica) – will host “The Week…4 hip hop lovers”, one week dedicated to hip hop lovers and other similar disciplines. Cesenatico is ready to welcome hundreds of “street dancers” coming from all Europe and challenge to the sound of powerful music. During the week there are also stages and courses with well-known teachers and also the final of the competitions “STREET FIGHTERS” and “GIVE IT UP 2011”.

On saturday 16, is scheduled one of the most important event: “The Street Figheters, The final”. An internationa tour takes its end, after 30 appointments in Italy and in Europe on the picturesque Piazza Spose dei Marinai in Cesenatico right on the sea . The best 12 “crews” will challenge each other to win the “title“ and also the prize money of € 20.000!
Another important event is planed for Sunday 17th, with the “Give it up Errea Repubblic”. Inside the different disciplines (Lockin’, Poppin’, Hip Hop and House Dance) the best international dancers will perform individually or in couple

Here you find the complete program of “the Week”:

Till Saturday 16th July :”Street dance innovation”- at the Accademia Acrobatica viale Colombo – Cesenatico. Stages with Brian Green, Joseph Go, Sponky (hip hop); Walid, Swan (poppin); Yoshie, P Lock, Kris (lockin); Caleaf, Rabah, Byron (house); Neguin, Denis (breakin)

Sunday 10th July : “Best Show” – Batija/Molo di Levante – from 11.30pm
Street dance and hip hop performances on the beach

Saturday 16th July: “STREET FIGHTERS…the final ”- piazza Spose dei Marinai – 9pm. This is the most important event. The tour takes its end , after 30 appointments in Italy and in Europe on the picturesque Piazza Spose dei Marinai in Cesenatico right on the sea. The best 12 “crews” will challenge each other to win the “title“ and also the prize money of € 20.000! A technical and popular jury will judge the choreography. FREE ENTRANCE

Sunday 17th July: “Give it up Errea Repubblic” – Piazza Spose dei Marinai – 6pm. Inside the different disciplines (Lockin’, Poppin’, Hip Hop and House Dance) the best international dancers will perform individually or in couple and they will be valued by an exceptional jury. FREE ENTRANCE

During the same event is planned the open air live-show “Art tells Art” with the participation of international writers; with the collaboration of AmbientArti.

For further information and enrolments:


The Week – The clip promo

For informations and hotel reservations please contact:

Viale Roma, 112 – 47042 Cesenatico (FC) – tel. + 39 0547/673287 –
800 556 900 – fax + 39 0547/673288



Fino al 17 luglio Cesenatico è il centro gravitazionale di tutta la street dance mondiale, accogliendo piu’ di 1000 artisti provenienti da 25 paesi stranieri, spinti dalla voglia di confrontarsi, crescere e divertirsi in nome dei principi fondanti dell’hip hop “Peace, Unity , Love & Havin Fun”. Organizzata da Try Ent e Comune di Cesenatico con il contributo di Gesturist Cesenatico Spa, The Week è nel giro di 2 anni diventato un evento cult in tutto il mondo.

I ballerini nel corso della settimana organizzano workshops e approfondimenti con le 15 leggende della Street Dance mondiale: ci saranno i padri fondatori Caleaf e Brian Green dagli Usa; non mancheranno gli evolutori e grandi interpreti Gucchon, Yoshie & Tatsuo dal Giappone; l’esplosività della break dance sarà presente grazie a Neguin, vincitore del Red Bull Bc One 2010 dal Brasile; la scuola europea sarà rappresentata da Rabah, Plock, Walid Josep Go, Byron dalla Francia, Sponky Love dal Belgio e BJ Piggo dalla Slovacchia; scudieri dell’eccellenza italiana saranno Kris (già insegnante di Amici 2010), Swan e Denis Di Pasqua.

La struttura tipo di The Week prevede la mattinata libera per godersi la Riviera e tutte le sue attrazioni, il pomeriggio intensivi workshops con i monumenti della Street Dance Mondiale e la sera party per sublimare la grande forza dell’hip hop che sono le relazioni umane e l’unione tra i popoli.

Il momento clou della settimana sarà sabato 16 luglio, dalle 21.00, in Piazza Spose dei Marinai per la Finale di Street Fighters “European Tour 2011” : le migliori 10 crew continentali si sfideranno per l’incoronazione della piu’ forte d’Europa dopo un estenuante tour di selezione durato 7 mesi e 30 date, con piu’ di 2200 artisti coinvolti.

Migliaia di persone ogni anno accorrono per assistere a questo show contest, la cui formula unisce al concetto di spettacolo quello estemporaneo, imprevedibile e altamente emozionante del freestyle, vera essenza dell’ hip hop. Street Fighters, nel corso della sua storia, ha lanciato ballerini che attualmente lavorano con le piu’ grandi star della musica internazionale e sono protagonisti nelle piu’ importanti trasmissioni tv, come “Quelli che il Calcio”, “Amici”, “Academy”, “Italian’s Got Talent”,”Zelig”, “Ciao Darwin”.

Altro appuntamento da vivere in prima linea sarà domenica 17 luglio dalle 16.00, il Give It Up Republic, il battle per eccellenza dedicato agli street dancers professionisti singoli o in coppia. Novità all’interno del Give It Up 2011 sarà il progetto “L’arte racconta l’arte”, estemporanea di pittura e writing che prende come spunto il mondo della street dance e dell’ hip hop in genere. Creato in collaborazione con AmbientArti, sarà un momento di forte interdisciplinarità tra danza e arti visive sperimentale come approccio e concept.

Non solo Danza quindi, per un Festival che nella cittadina romagnola riesce a dare il meglio coniugando arte, musica e spettacolo di altissimo livello attraverso la condivisione tra i popoli. L’ hip hop e la street dance in primis restano un grande mezzo di comunicazione e integrazione sociale: sarà splendido passeggiare per Cesenatico dal 10-17 luglio e trovarsi immersi in un vortice di suoni, ritmo e colore formato da ragazzi che hanno in comune una grande passione, l’ hip hop e la danza.







Small artists “play” to paint the great artists works. It happens in Chiuduno (Bergamo,Italy) where the nursery school, as part of the educational projects, choose the picture (or paintings) of popular artists, and then kids are free to do unusual “reinterpretations”. This year the idea – which has produced a book and an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art-Donazione Mieli in Luzzana (Bergamo, Italy) – took inspiration from a Roberto Giavarini tempera (The Three Campanulas). It’s an initiative that I like to put in evidence in my WordPress page.

Lucia Scaburri, teaching coordinator, so wrote introducing the activity (book and exhibition): “In kindergarten, in proposing artistic discipline, is correct to refer also to national planning documents, where art is seen as educational and aesthetic knowledge to the “pleasure of beauty.” Even this year I am happy to present the “pictorial path” that children have made in the atelier of Art. In the previous experiences, they have freely chosen works related to the figure of great artists such as Arcimboldo, Monet, Picasso, Renoir and Brolis. In the present research and experience of “color”, we wanted to bring to the children ‘s attention the work of our fellow citizen and artist Roberto Giavarini. Among his works it was chosen a painting featuring three campanulas. Little boys and girlshave drawn and painted on a cotton sheet using colored powders and egg yolk. This artistic and creative proceeding allowed them to communicate their emotions and thoughts. The goal of opening their minds to the “pleasure of beauty” has been fully achieved and drawings collected are a significant proof. At the engagement’s end, the works were exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Donazione Meli, in Luzzana, as a unique and precious event. The collection of “Campanulas Garden” is dedicated to all parents and to all people who’ll have the opportunity and pleasure of admiring it. Lot of congratulations to the little artists and their teachers!”


In the pictures: cover of “Campanulas Garden” book and some drawings made by children.








Piccoli artisti giocano a “dipingere” le opere dei grandi. Succede da qualche anno a Chiuduno (Bergamo) dove la Scuola dell’Infanzia, nell’ambito dei propri progetti didattici, sceglie il dipinto (o i dipinti) di un autore, per poi scatenarsi in una insolita “rilettura”. Quest’anno l’idea – che ha prodotto un libro e anche una mostra presso il Museo d’Arte Contemporanea-Donazione Mieli di Luzzana – ha riguardato una tempera di Roberto Giavarini (Le Tre Campanule), concittadino dei piccoli alunni disegnatori. E’ una iniziativa che mi piace segnalare in questo mio spazio di WordPress.

Così ne parla Lucia Scaburri, coordinatrice didattica, nel presentare la pubblicazione e la mostra : “Nella scuola dell’Infanzia, nel proporre percorsi artistici, è corretto e necessario anche fare riferimento ai documenti programmatici nazionali, dove l’Arte è vista come percorso educativo – didattico verso la conoscenza estetica e “piacere del bello”. Anche quest’anno ho la gioia di presentare un lavoro, o meglio, il percorso pittorico che i loro bambini “artisti” hanno realizzato all’interno dell’atelier d’Arte. Come nelle precedenti esperienze, gli alunni hanno liberamente scelto opere legate alla figura di grandi artisti, quali Arcimboldo, Monet, Picasso, Renoir e Brolis. Nella presente ricerca ed esperienza di “colore” si è voluto, porre all’attenzione degli alunni l’opera di un nostro concittadino ed artista: Roberto Giavarini. Tra le sue opere è stato scelto un disegno che raffigura tre campanule: hanno disegnato e dipinto su foglio di carta di cotone, utilizzando polveri colorate e tuorlo d’uovo. Con le loro impressioni e sentimenti hanno personalizzato l’opera dell’artista riuscendo così a comunicare le loro emozioni e i loro pensieri. L’obiettivo di aprire le loro menti al “piacere del bello” è stato pienamente raggiunto e i disegni qui raccolti sono testimonianza significativa. A cornice di tanto impegno, le opere dei bambini sono state presentate al museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Luzzana – Donazione Meli: evento questo unico e “prezioso”. La raccolta Giardino di campanule è dedicata a tutti i genitori e a tutte le persone che avranno l’opportunità ed il piacere di ammirarla.” Complimenti ai mini artisti ed alle loro insegnanti!


Nella foto: la copertina della pubblicazione “Giardino di campanule”.







 Interesting art week-end in London. Parallax Art Fair 2 takes place at La Galleria (Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London). Preceded by a private view – open to art and media operators – the showcase features international contemporary figurative art and includes the work of the Japanese sculptor Masa Suzuki who is collected by Kay Saatchi. The fair opens to the public on: Friday 8th July, 10am – 6pm; Saturday 9th July, 10am – 6pm; Sunday 10th July, 10am – 5pm.

 Parallax AF grew out of an international exhibition called “Parallax” that was conceived and curated by the art historian and theorist Dr Chris Barlow. Parallax AF is different from other artists’ fairs in that it is like a specialised exhibition. It is a serious platform for international and national artists to present their work to national and international dealers, art industry people, collectors, critics and buyers without commission charges. This also provides artists with the benefit, if they wish, to present non-commercial work, or to Parallax AF is also smaller and intimate than other fairs, and held in a professional gallery space in central London. The shows are curated by a professional guest curator, having the feel of an organised exhibition, and catalogue essays are written by specialists. Parallax AF aims to provide a key service in helping artists to promote and sell their work, as well as providing a platform for developing their careers and practice.