People asked me to show more beautiful drawings made by Italian students about plants world. I received the suggestion and here you may admire some other pictures… Really nice pics!

Flower Council Holland– through Okay!monthly magazine – had asked the Italian schoolsto draw “the plant that I like”, flower plantsand indoor plants. The outcome was better than expected. About 3.000 the drawings sent to promoters, confirming that the invitation launched by the Flower Council Holland has turned into an opportunity to look around, discover and learn about the wonderful world of plants that offer color, comfort, serenity and well-being, to people, to environment and to our homes. Last week, students participated to the awards ceremony, that taked place at “Le Due Torri”, a big shopping center in Stezzano-Bergamo, in Milan Area.

A mass of colored drawings tell us that plants talk and caress us with their discreet presence. And now, with these thousands of drawings, we may look at the plants through the eyes of children. And also plants have eyes. Those of children.

By the way, I created a videoclip. Here the YouTube link: