Elizabeth Cygan is psychologist and infantry author. She lives in Sudbury (Massachusetts, Usa). She saw my artworks and she sent to me this interesting post, that I want to share on WordPress:

Your artwork is incredible. What a fascinating subject. I wonder about some or our street signs. I live in Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA and we have street signs that reflect our brief history, when compared to European history. In our case, Sudbury was the first town to be incorporated as a town in Massachusetts in 1639. We revere our founding fathers like Bent, Plimpton, Rice etc. We also include street names like Musket and Flintlock.

However, Sudbury was the first to let women vote in town elections, own businesses and property. We even have names of Indian chiefs, against whom we fought, like King Philip-a chief who changed his name to be like the English soldiers who were here then. So we do have a short history of which we are proud. However when we were in London I was able to check a history book, and our Revolution received only half a page. We are still referred to as “The Colonies”.

Elizabeth Cygan



She has been a counselor, psychologist and special education teacher. She  writes about history, economic and educational articles for a newspaper. She is majored in Education, Economics, History and English, with graduate degrees in each of these fields. Her recent book – based on psychological and educational principals – presents a collection of true tales about Benjamin and Annabel, her Siamese cats. The book (“A tale of two tails: the adventures of Ben and Bel”) gives a history of Siam and the siamese cat, using cat words:cat-atonic. cat burglar, cat-astrophe etc. The words are defined and the tale told. The book shows watercolors, ink and pen drawings and photos illustrating the tales. The premise is kids enjoy it when the cats run the household with their mad antics. Also kids learn best when they are engaged, having fun and don’t realize that they are learning.