Le Artiste Boot (http://leartisteboots.wordpress.com/) at his outstanding “A Journey Through Art and History” Blog has honored my Blog by nominating it for the Sunshine Award. I thank Le Artiste Boot for his kind appreciation and for supporting my activities and art projects. As he says: “ Awards seem to have no beginning place, just seem to circulate freely, unexpectedly received.”

Yes, we may consider this kind of “web-stuff” in the way we want, but I think they are a warm expression from people and fellow bloggers who try to keep up the incommensurable value of communication and freedom, sharin’ ideas and experiences to better the world we live in.

 And now I answer the ten questions and make my nominations.


 Favorite colour: Blue

 Favorite animal: Swan

 Favorite number: 9

 Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Savona bigarade

 Facebook or Twitter? Twitt-Book

 My passion: To have passions

 Getting or giving presents? Getting joy in giving presents

 Favorite pattern: Free-form

 Favorite day of the week: Thursday

 Favorite flower: Gardenia

 My rationale for the nominees: No fixed in advance scheme or plan. I chose following my instinct. And the colors of the home pages…


All of the names on my list were met here at WordPress. Through their Blogs they post and offer stories, pictures, experiences, photos, news, poems and coloured suggestions which tickle my mind and enlighten my days… It wasn’t so easy to choose, but here are the Blogs I’ve elected to nominate at Sunshine Blog Award:











 Anyone I missed, feel welcome to join.

Anyway, this post was a good exercise to think about the incredible variety (of themes and styles) of our WordPress community.   



  Dear defenders of our shores, river banks, lakesides and seabed, save the dates of 22, 23, 24, and March 25, 2012. The archetypal symbol for the protection and preservation of our coastlines in the fight against aquatic waste, Surfrider Foundation Europe is organising the 17th Ocean Initiatives. This year the target is the plastic that represents from 60 to 90% of the waste found (sources: Ocean Initiatives and UNEP report 2011). Ocean Initiatives integrate into the Rise Above Plastics campaign (RAP) launched by Surfrider US and embraced by the rest of the global network. RAP highlights the inevitable consequences of the plastic invasion on our ecosystems if we do not put a stop to it fast. The objective of the Rise Above Plastics campaign is to reduce the impact of single-use plastics on the marine environment by raising people’s awareness to the dangers of plastic pollution, and by advocating the reduction of their use. The solution lies in the rule of the 4 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle.

 Through these operations, Surfrider Foundation Europe aims at raising awareness, mobilizing citizens and public authorities to take action against the scourge of aquatic litter. Dear defenders of oceans, lakes, rivers and seabed, save the dates of 22, 23, 24, and March 25, 2012. Hundreds of operations throughout Europe and the world on beaches, lakes, rivers and seabed will be simultaneously organized by volunteers and local chapters. The extent of your mobilisation will also determine the impact and weight the demands of Surfrider Foundation Europe can have on the national and European institutions. With the support of Surfrider’s Head Office, every citizen has the opportunity to get involved in the fight against aquatic waste by organizing or participating in a clean-up operation. Surfrider Foundation Europe is responsible for coordinating the various operations, to provide logistical support to each volunteer and report on the event.

Event’s posters are available online; all information on Ocean Initiatives is available at: www.oceaninitiatives.org


Surfrider Foundation Europe is an environmental non-profit making organisation (conforming to the French law passed in 1901) created in 1990 in France (Biarritz). In the course of its existence it has acquired real expertise in researching environmental issues, campaigning on the local scale as well as creating and disseminating educational tools. Today it brings together a network of 1700 volunteers, 10000 members and over 45000 supporters with around forty local branches, active in 12 European countries. For more information: www.surfrider.eu




Appuntamento per tutti i difensori delle nostre coste, argini, fiumi e fondali marini il 22, 23, 24, e 25 marzo 2012. Simbolo per eccellenza della protezione e salvaguardia del nostro litorale, per lottare contro i rifiuti acquatici, Surfrider Foundation Europa organizza la 17ima edizione delle Iniziative Oceaniche. Quest’anno l’obiettivo è la plastica che rappresenta dal 60 al 90% dei rifiuti (fonti: Iniziative Oceaniche e rapporto dell’UNEP 2011).

Le Iniziative Oceaniches’integrano alla campagna Rise Above Plastics (RAP – Riduciamo la nostra impronta di plastica!) lanciata da Surfrider Stati Uniti e impiegata dal resto della rete mondiale. RAP spiega quali sono le conseguenze di questa invasione nelle nostre coste se non interveniamo rapidamente. L’obiettivo della campagna Rise Above Plastics è di ridurre l’impatto della plastica a unico utilizzo sull’ambiente marino sensibilizzando sul tema dei pericoli dell’inquinamento plastico e indicando come poterlo ridurre alla base. Come soluzione, la regola delle 4 R: rifiutiamo, riduciamo, riutilizziamo e ricicliamo. Surfrider Foundation Europe ambisce attraverso queste operazioni a sensibilizzare e mobilizzare i cittadini e i poteri pubblici al fine di lottare contro il flagello dei rifiuti acquatici.

Appuntamento a tutti i difensori degli oceani, laghi, fiumi e fondali marini il 22, 23, 24, e 25 marzo 2012. Centinaia di operazioni ovunque in Europa e nel mondo in spiagge, laghi, fiumi e fondali marini saranno simultaneamente organizzate da volontari e dalle antenne locali. Da questa mobilitazione dipendono l’impatto e il peso delle rivendicazioni di Surfrider di fronte alle istituzioni nazionali ed europee. Con l’appoggio della sede di Surfrider, tutti i cittadini hanno la possibilità d’impegnarsi per combattere i rifiuti acquatici organizzando o partecipando a un’operazione di pulizia. Surfrider Foundation Europa s’incarica della coordinazione delle differenti operazioni, di apportare un sostegno logistico a ciascun volontario e di promuovere l’evento. Tutte le informazioni riguardanti le Iniziative Oceaniche sono disponibili sul sito: www.oceaninitiatives.org


Surfrider Foundation Europeè un’associazione ambientalista (legge francese 1901) creata nel 1990 in Francia (Biarritz). Durante il corso della sua esistenza, ha sviluppato una reale competenza nel campo della ricerca, azione locale come anche nella creazione e diffusione di strumenti pedagogici. Oggi l’associazione unisce una rete di 1700 volontari, 10000 aderenti, più di 45000 simpatizzanti di una quarantina di antenne locali attive in 12 paesi d’Europa.

Per maggiori informazioni: www.surfrider.eu



Thanks to Marina Chetner for this interesting reportage!

Marina Chetner

…And that’s how the Lenny Kravitz concert ended, with the audience on their feet, singing Let Love Rule, hoping their reverberations would be heard across the city and  the world. As Lenny Kravitz said last night, “It all starts with a vibration.”

It’s been a Lenny kind of weekend: happy, energetic, fun. Enjoy the images of Lenny Kravitz and his band, photographed from the middle Orchestra section at Radio City Music Hall.

Don’t give the people what they want. Give them something better! ~ said Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel, creator of Radio City Music Hall.

Roxy together with John D. Rockefeller and Radio Corporation of America (then an NBC radio as well as motion picture producer and distributor via RKO studios), collaborated to form one of the most glamorous looking venues in the world: Radio City Music Hall.

Opened in 1932, Radio City Music Hall is a stunning example of…

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 Dr. Srini Pillay – Harvard psychiatrist, author, brain imaging researcher and columnist – says that art is a form of healing and it may help us to face tragedies and loss… I dedicated this artwork to Kefalonia massacre ( title: Kefalonia, 1943 – Victims & martyrs. The blood tracks # 1; canvas/mixed media, 87×57, Lacer/actions Project). My father Battista is a survivor of that terrible tragedy in which died 9.000 Italian soldiers (1943) killed and exterminated by German Nazis.

 Saturday January 28, 2012 – in the same days devoted in Italy to remember Shoah victims – Battista native Municipality dedicates him a conference and a ceremony (h.8,45 pm, Centro Sociale, Ambivere, Bergamo, Milan Area). Italian Council of Ministers Presidency has recently confered to Battista the “Medal of honor” established for Italian civilians and militaries deported and interned in nazi concentration camps.


Central Database of Shoah Victims Names


About Italian Division “Acqui” and Kefalonia Slaughter




About Kefalonia:



China Tv has produced a documentary about the internationally known designer Denis Burlet. Waiting to see the reportage – which is takin’ part of a series dedicated to great creative people – here a clip about the tv documentary “making off”. Denis Burlet, on January 6 2012, has received the honour to be selected for “Officiel du Club des 500 édition 2012” as a personality who operates for the development of the so called “La Grand Région”, a great French area gathering Saar, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhénani.

<iframe type=”text/html” width=”480″ height=”415″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/hOrqt20tuW4?autoplay=&amp;wmode=Opaque” frameborder=”0″></iframe>
            <div style=”font-size:0.9em;”>
  <a href=”http://vodpod.com/watch/16003596-designer-denis-burlet-on-china-tv-the-making-off”>DESIGNER DENIS BURLET ON CHINA TV – THE MAKING OFF</a>
– Watch more <a href=”http://vodpod.com”>Videos</a> at Vodpod.</div>

Vodpod videos no longer available.



China Tv has produced a documentary about the internationally known designer Denis Burlet. Waiting to see the reportage – which is takin’ part of a series dedicated to great creative people – here a clip about the tv documentary “making off”. Denis Burlet, on January 6 2012, has received the honour to be selected for “Officiel du Club des 500 édition 2012” as a personality who operates for the development of the so called “La Grand Région”, a great French area gathering Saar, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhénanie, Palatinat, Wallonie, french and german speaking communities territories). En attendant la diffusion sur la TV Chinoise du reportage sur le designer Denis Burlet dans la série consacrée aux grands créatifs en Chine, voici le Making Off et le bétisier du tournage. Denis Burlet, le 6 janvier 2012 a été retenu pour figurer dans L’Officiel du Club des 500 édition 2012. Il a etè sélectionné parmi les personnalités qui participent au rayonnement et au développement de “La Grande Région” (l’ensemble de la Saar, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhénanie, Palatinat, Wallonie, Communauté française et germanophone de Belgique).

Vodpod videos no longer available.



 Yesterday it was one of the busiest days for this blog. People were really struck by “Mydaddy” clip which focuses attention on the dramatic “war report” about a year (2011) of accidents at works in Italy (1,170 deads and over 775,000 injuries). The problem affects not only Italy, but all the so called “civilized world”. The numbers of deathes and injuries are really impressive, often forgotten by the media themselves, who give titles to the phenomenon only in the presence of emotional or numeric high-impact tragedies.

For this reason it is urgent to raise voice and the guard. Even with a message. How “Mydaddy” clip does. The videoclip supports “First in Safety”, an Italian social campaign for the prevention of accidents at work which invites schools – and young people – to confront the problem. This campaign – at its 10th edition – is promoted by ROSSINI TRADING Spa, ANMIL (the italian Association for injured people) and OKAY! monthly magazine. It’s unique in Italy and Europe and maybe in the global world (at least for continuity, originality and effectiveness).

“Mydaddy” videoclip was conceived and produced by Roberto Alborghetti, reporter, writer and visual artist, with the participation of talented students of the second class of the Primary School “P.Mazzi” in Piancastagnaio (Siena). Uploaded on YouTube and VodPod– also in special version with English subtitles – and shared by multiple sites, the clip has become a sort of original spot not only for “First in Safety” campaign, but also for its aim to support the prevention message. Disarmingly simple yet remarkably effective, the video was made at the end of an educational workshop.

The pupils produced drawings on school safety and discussed about workplace injuries that involved mom and dad (from here the title). The clip – made in collaboration with the School Institute in Piancastagnaio, the Municipality of Piancastagnaio (with the major Fabrizio Agnorelli) and Osa non-profit organization (with President Nicola Cirocco) – is an original document on what school may and must do about prevention of accidents at work. As stated in the videoclip final message, “prevention is the lethal weapon to stop the war bulletin” of the deaths and injuries at work.



English Edition :







Versione Italiana – YouTube link :





1,170 deads. And over 775,000 injuries. These are the numbers of the dramatic “war report” about a year (2011) of accidents at works in Italy. These numbers are impressive. As if we were at war. For this reason it is urgent to raise voice and the guard. Even with a message. How “MYDADDY” does; it’s a delicate and passionate videoclip which supports “FIRST IN SAFETY” (Primi in Sicurezza”) a national social campaign for the prevention of accidents at work which invites schools and young people to face the problem. This campaign – at its 10th edition – is promoted by ROSSINI TRADING Spa, ANMIL (the italian Association for injured people) and OKAY! monthly magazine. It’s unique in Italy and Europe and maybe in the global world (at least for continuity, originality and effectiveness). “MyDaddy” clip – created by Roberto Alborghetti – was made with the collaboration of “P.Mazzi” Primary School and Piancastagnaio Municipality (Siena) and Osa Onlus Association. Kids watch us and ask: “WHY?”…






By Michelle LaBrosse, PMP®, Chief Cheetah and Founder of Cheetah Learning, and Kristen LaBrosse, CAPM® , Co-Author

How do you know when you are truly wealthy? Your perception of prosperity will most likely change throughout your life. At the age of 5, being prosperous is having your favorite toys within reach, being able to eat ice cream after dinner, and being allowed to stay up an extra hour later than usual. At 16, it’s the ability to drive your family’s old beat up car, by yourself! In your early 20s, you most likely felt wealthy if you could successfully pay off your student loan payments, while still having the reserves to keep a small apartment and money to hang out with friends. In your 30s, it usually means getting a nicer home for your changing needs, being able to afford a couple of nice vacations a year, and a nicer car. Your 40s is marked by how you can provide for your family’s education and your own retirement. In your 50s, it may become more about how much time you can take off and still live the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed. In your 60s, it’s about how far you can stretch your dollar and scale back on the need to work to support yourself while helping your children launch their own families. Prosperity viewpoints are age dependent.

As we become more established in life, the concept of wealth and prosperity morph into the next phase that we wish to achieve, so that we are ever chasing a more prosperous life. This mentality can serve us well if we take smart action to reach our next goals. Here at Cheetah we call this path to prosperity GROW – Goals, Run, Organize, and Wow.

Goals – If you are like most people, you made goals for yourself for the new year. Of these goals, how many are measurable? What is the date by which you wish to accomplish this goal? What is your specific plan to reach this goal? If you haven’t answered these questions, then your chances of accomplishing the goals you’ve set are slim. When setting goals, either new years resolutions or other, make them measurable, and make yourself accountable, in order to ensure success.

Run – Once you have made a goal, do not sit back and wait for the “perfect time” to begin your journey to that goal. The truth is, there will NEVER be a perfect time! Go ahead and dive in right away to begin making your goal a reality.

If the hesitation of running toward your goal comes from your perceived lack of skills, make getting those skills your first goal. You owe it to yourself to make sure you are equipped to tackle any goals you set.

Organize – One of the biggest reasons that people don’t reach their goals is because they lose sight of the goal due to the clutter in their lives. When you can’t clearly see the steps to take next to ultimately attain success, you can quickly get lost in the white noise of life and let your goal fall to the wayside.

Start small. Organize your office, your paperwork, your bills, and your calendar. Then go big and organize the milestones that have been accomplished to reach your goal, as well as the steps that you still need to take.

Wow – When is the last time you did something to impress no one else but yourself? Perhaps you made a very fancy meal for one, or ran a mile further than you’ve ever run before just so you knew you could do it.

Make sure the goals you are setting will be sure to WOW you. This means that you are reaching for something that is challenging for you and that by accomplishing it you are bettering yourself. If you set goals to WOW others, you may find that your stamina and dedication wane before you’ve reached your destination.

To get started on the right foot, take a look at last year, and ask yourself what accomplishments you made that really impressed you. What was the path you took to reach these goals? Once you’ve figured it out, give yourself a pat on the back, and develop a plan to enhance your goal-completing machine this coming year.

Lastly, remember that becoming prosperous is a project, just like any project you have ever undertaken. The path to prosperity requires commitment, competency, and a well-developed plan.



Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, is an entrepreneurial powerhouse with a penchant for making success easy, fun, and fast. She is the founder of Cheetah Learning, the author of the Cheetah Success Series, and a prolific blogger whose mission is to bring Project Management to the masses.

 Cheetah Learning is a virtual company with 100 employees, contractors, and licensees worldwide. To date, more than 30,000 people have become “Cheetahs” using Cheetah Learning’s innovative Project Management and accelerated learning techniques.

Recently honored by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Cheetah Learning was named Professional Development Provider of the Year at the 2008 PMI® Global Congress. A dynamic keynote speaker and industry thought leader, Michelle was

previously recognized by PMI as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Project Management in the world.

Michelle’s articles have appeared in more than 100 publications and web sites around the world. Her monthly column, the Know How Network is carried by over 400 publications, and her monthly newsletter goes out to more than 50,000 people.

She is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Owner President Manager’s (OPM) program and also holds engineering degrees from Syracuse University and the University of Dayton.

 Check out Cheetah PHAST – a great new quarterly magazine




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 Last november I posted a series of “haiga” . Fellow bloggers and lot of friends seemed to like my collaboration with musician, producer and poet Joshua Sellers, from West Memphis (Arkansas, USA); we had previously collaborated on a music videoclip (“Linger”).

In a different kind of collaboration, fusing Joshua ‘s words with my images – realistic pics of torn posters and urban signs – we have presented four haiga (titles: Moonlit Sky, In a Spider Web, A Jar of Rainwater and No Clouds), a combination of haiku and visual art.

 Now, answering to request, I’d like to present all the haiga series in one post (you can see it on the slideshow). As usual, I took the images from ripped poster sticked on billboards or from cities walls (there are a lot of incredible “signs” to watch…). On occasion I want to thank Joshua Sellers for his beautiful poems. Let your eyes go on a fascinating trip through imagination and states of mind…

in a spider web


Haiga is a style of Japanese painting based on the aesthetics of haikai, from which haiku poetry derives, which often accompanied such poems in a single piece. Like the poetic forms it accompanied, haiga was based on simple, yet often profound, observations of the everyday world. Stephen Addiss points out that “since they are both created with the same brush and ink, adding an image to a haiku poem was… a natural activity.”

Just as haiku often internally juxtapose two images, haiga may also contain a juxtaposition between the haiku itself and the art work. The art work does not necessarily directly represent the images presented in the haiku. Stylistically, haiga vary widely based on the preferences and training of the individual painter, but generally show influences of formal Kanō school painting, minimalist Zen painting, and Ōtsu-e, while sharing much of the aesthetic attitudes of the nanga tradition. Some were reproduced as woodblock prints. The subjects painted likewise vary widely, but are generally elements mentioned in the calligraphy, or poetic images which add meaning or depth to that expressed by the poem.

No Clouds


A Jar of Rainwater


In a Spider Web


Moonlit Sky


Links to “Linger” videoclip by Joshua Sellers and Roberto Alborghetti

Earscapes Channel


Lacer/azioni Channel





Joshua Sellers has attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe studying music composition.  Over the years, Joshua has worked as a performer, songwriter, producer, engineer, DJ and musical collaborator in classical, rock, folk, jazz, avant-garde, electronica and ambient music.  As a member of the pop-rock duo Joker, Joshua released the album Homecoming in 2009.

In addition to musical projects, Joshua Sellers has been given an arts grant by the state of Louisiana for a poetry reading at the Masur Museum of Art (1996).  Joshua has also been a co-editor of Hart Beats, a journal of philosophy and spirituality published in Monroe (1996-1998).
Joshua has long been fascinated with the sound textures.  As a child, he would play with tape recorders, altering the tape speed or running the tape in reverse.  Joshua Sellers: “I discovered that you could use a recording device not simply to document sound, but to create unique sounds never heard before.”

Reviving his interest in these childhood experiments, Joshua first began recording ambient music under the pseudonym Murmur in 2003.  Rather than rely on the latest state-of-the-art synthesisers, Joshua uses found sounds, toy keyboards, electric guitars and shakuhachi as sound sources.
Joshua Sellers: “In music, we place traditional musical elements like rhythm, melody and harmony in the foreground and so we tend to not notice the actual texture as much.  In my music, that’s a perception I want to reverse.”
In 2010, Joshua Sellers completed his first full-length album of ambient music, Amniosis.  A new EP, State of Flux, is due to be released later in 2011, followed by a large-scale work, Elemental. Joshua Sellers: “I like to think of my pieces as enigmatic abstract icons, each providing a quiet meditative space and luminous presence of its own.”

Joshua Sellers currently lives in West Memphis, Arkansas, with future plans to emigrate to New Zealand.



Professional reporter, author and visual artist, Roberto Alborghetti has written more than thirty books (biographies, interviews, stories). He worked in magazines and newspapers and produced Tv documentaries. Editor in chief of magazines concerning didactic, education, edutainment and media literacy, he leads workshops and conferences. He has won important journalism Prizes, such as Premio Acqui Terme, Premio Beppe Viola, Premio Anmil Safety in Work. He is the unique Italian reporter who received the European Award for Environmental Reporting, the so called European “Pulitzer” about Environmental Reporting (1992, European Parliament, Strasbourg).

He created “LaceR/Actions”, a multidisciplinary project concerning in a research about torn posters and urban “signs” taken from city walls. Impressed by photocamera and transferred on canvas, reproduced on lithographs or textiles, or scanned in a videoclip, the details of torn advertisings give new life to paper wastes.

In 2009, he published a “booklet-portfolio” – “Lacer/actions, Pics of torn (publi)city – gathering a selection of 40 pictures chosen among 30.000 pics that Roberto Alborghetti took during his research about torn (publi)city. In July 2010, thirty thousand people visited his show “The Four Elements of LaceR/Actions” at Oriocenter (Milano Bergamo Orio International Airport). Roberto Alborghetti’s pics are also taking part of experiences about sensorial and emotional perception (sinestesys) concerning kinesiologic tests. Alborghetti is also invited to lead workshops about his artworks.

In October 2011, he participated at Parallax Art Fair in London (La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall). He showed 3 artworks (mixed media/canvas): “Nine Eleven/New York 2001, Victims & Martyrs, The Blood Track #2”, “As fast running water…”, “I don’t like to stand still”. The famous “The Huffington Post” (September 2011) wrote about his artwork devoted to Nine Eleven Fallen; article by dr. Srini Pillay, Psychiatrist, Harvard clinician, brain imaging researcher, executive coach, author (Life Unlocked, The Science behind the Law of Attraction, Your Brain and Business: the Neuroscience of the Great Leaders).

One of his recent works was selected to be part of the new Contemporary Art Museum projected and created in in Italy (Marche region) by the artist Pasquale Martini.

He created more than 40 videoclips posted at his YouTube channel.

 Art critics and experts said that Roberto Alborghetti’s art has an “exceptional and evocative dynamic”, “a strong power of language”; it shows “new points of observation that overwhelm canonical trial systems”, “breaking the current patterns of visual art.” Alborghetti’s Artworks “are explosions of color, passion, joy, sorrow, story, emotion, beauty, love…”, “They touch us on the raw and go straight to the heart”, ” a provocation to our eyes and to our mind”.