Thanks to Marina Chetner for this interesting reportage!

Marina Chetner

…And that’s how the Lenny Kravitz concert ended, with the audience on their feet, singing Let Love Rule, hoping their reverberations would be heard across the city and  the world. As Lenny Kravitz said last night, “It all starts with a vibration.”

It’s been a Lenny kind of weekend: happy, energetic, fun. Enjoy the images of Lenny Kravitz and his band, photographed from the middle Orchestra section at Radio City Music Hall.

Don’t give the people what they want. Give them something better! ~ said Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel, creator of Radio City Music Hall.

Roxy together with John D. Rockefeller and Radio Corporation of America (then an NBC radio as well as motion picture producer and distributor via RKO studios), collaborated to form one of the most glamorous looking venues in the world: Radio City Music Hall.

Opened in 1932, Radio City Music Hall is a stunning example of…

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