Some good thoughts about art and healing from SRINI PILLAY, psychiatrist, Harvard clinician, brain-imaging researcher, author and speaker. Artwork by ROBERTO ALBORGHETTI, Canvas+Mixed media, 57×87, 2010, Title: “In amniotic fluid”. Lacer/actions Project. Images of Torn (publi)City

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9 responses to “ART IS A FORM OF HEALING…

  1. Hi
    I did an art residency in a diagnostic imaging department and there is no doubt that art can take the patient somewhere else. For therapy it means the image created is detached from the person creating the work and this can mean that things can be viewed objectively without it being to personal.
    At Saint Thomas’s Hospital in London, the breast screening unit had a number of artist, architects and patients deciding together on a space that not only takes the patient to another place such as a 4 or 5* hotel reception, or create a window to the outside world, but it also gives each one value and importance.

    • My fellow Bloggers, Thank you so much to all for your comments!
      Yes, I think art is a strong and beautiful way to heal (ourselves and others) and to face the troubles of life.
      I have experimentated the power of colors and the suggestions inside artworks.
      Yes, I’m speaking about my works, but that’s a common reality.
      When I lead workshops with students, they are really struck and moved by feelings and sensations referred to colors and shapes.
      And I think that emotions – what we feel and live inside us – are the first step toward a change.
      I have just finished to write a book about a person who faced and won cancer, not with surgery or chemistry, but with the power of mind (and he loves to paint!)
      Thanks for your kind attention!

      • Oh, I would just love to read that book Roberto. That is just the kind of story I love to read, I believe there’s so much more to the power of the mind, than any of us realise!

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