I knew Daphne Hughes during last Parallax AF in London, at La Galleria (October 2011). She was one of my fellow exhibitors. “Regenerations” was the title of the works she showed there. Daphne presented me a book – “End of the line, A painters journey” – in which she tells her experience in Art. Daphne lives in the South East of England (Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire). She is a Contemporary Artist creating large Abstract paintings based on her photography.

I was really struck by her works. Daphne loves to explore the minute details of surfaces inherent in objects that surround us. She captures images and exposes their complex surface textures, observing and translating these qualities into paintings. She uses to create large scale fabrications of texture or movement. Each painting is unique and original with strong visual qualities, and by their nature create a tactile response by the use of mixed and diverse mediums.

Daphne worked on a series of large paintings inspired by the discarded object and corroded materials in the environment. She interprets and captures the spirit of their unconventional displacement and existence into paintings in her own unique style.

Daphne Hughes says: “I am a Contemporary Artist passionate about my work. My paintings are predominately abstract with rich surface qualities. I have a strong interest in Photography, and my work is based on the exploration of minute details of surfaces inherent in objects that surround us. I capture images and expose their complex surface textures and their comprehensive and intrinsic worth, observing and translating these qualities into paintings. From the photographs I take their descriptive values and compositional potential which I then interpret into paintings that encapsulate their unintentional beauty. It is the translation of the original images that promotes and manifests. A response and a passion to paint an enhanced physical version, intensifying the original qualities”.