Great need to improve autism education in India’, say researchers Academics from the University of Birmingham are in India sharing their expertise in the area of special educational needs, and autism in particular. Typically 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum. While general awareness of autism has grown in India in recent times various misconceptions still exist. The public and some professionals need better understanding of what it means to have autism and how it affects people. There is also a need to share notions of  ‘best practice’ in the education of children and young people on the autism spectrum. 

Joining volunteers from the charity Hope & Compassion and colleagues from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Birmingham academics will impart skills and knowledge to people with limited access to training in autism, and introduce new technologies and equipment to help engage children who are hard to reach.  The group will be running seminars and conducting training with practitioners and parents. Additionally, they will undertake teaching sessions with children using interactive software (Reactickles and Somantics), which is specifically designed for children with autism.

The visit will also strengthen existing partnerships and create new collaborations with academics at the University of Delhi, Khalsa College, the charity Action for Autism and Pingalwara Charitable Society, as well as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (a local government initiative for children with special educational needs and disabilities). Dr Karen Guldberg, Senior Lecturer in Autism Studies and Director of the Autism Centre for Education and Research at the University of Birmingham, said: “We hope to set up sustainable networks and partnerships and will undertake a training needs analysis with a sample of parents and teachers. This will identify how we might be able to offer meaningful, long-term partnership and support.”

Manpreet Kaur from the charity Hope & Compassion, said: It is with the help of volunteers and academics that we are now able to bring new knowledge and research into areas that normally would not cater for the various disabilities.  This enables progression and development for children, families, carers and institutions.”


The University of Birmingham was established in 1900 and was the UK’s first   civic university where students from all religions and backgrounds were accepted on an equal basis.  A founding member of the Russell Group, it is one of the United Kingdom’s internationally acclaimed research–intensive universities.  The University’s work brings people from across the world to Birmingham, including researchers and teachers and more than 4,000 international students from nearly 150 different countries.  The University of Birmingham’s engagement with India spans over 100 years.   The first Indian students came to Birmingham in 1909 to study degrees in Mining and Commerce and there are now more than 1000 Indian alumni.  The University currently has over 180 students from India studying a wide range of   subjects – at all levels from foundation to doctoral research.   The University’s India Office opened in New Delhi in 2009.  This was the first overseas office of the University of Birmingham and has been established to maintain partnerships with local providers, support the alumni in India, further consolidate research collaborations and provide local services to those students who wish to study at the University.  For further information please visit:

Hope & Compassion is a charity that works with other organisations abroad to improve the lives of children with special educational needs and their families living in poverty in developing countries. At the heart of Hope and   Compassion is a team of experienced professionals from the UK, qualified in education and specialist therapies. The countries abroad where we are working have very few practitioners with equivalent qualifications, so we are sharing our skills and best practice to train project staff abroad. We work with local charities to train and educate their members of staff, giving a lasting legacy of high quality skills and experience abroad.  For further information, visit:



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Brands, trademarks and logos surround us. They besiege us. They became part of our lives. Often we identify a brand with our character and our style. And it’s really funny what the Holy Family Institute’s students in Comonte di Seriate  (Italy) did. They enjoyed to play with their names drawing  internationally known brands graphs. Leaded by their  Professor mrs. Falconi, the students have proposed multinational companies whose trademarks are around us (Pizza Hut, Coke, Sprite, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Apple, Google, Telecom Italy, Moncler, Corona, Kung Fu Panda and others). It was an irresistible game that has become a  good exercise in observation too.



 I marchi ci circondano. Ci assediano. Son entrati a far parte della nostra vita. Spesso, in un marchio ci riconosciamo, con il nostro carattere e con il nostro stile. Ed è simpatico quello che hanno fatto gli studenti dell’Istituto Sacra Famiglia di Comonte di Seriate (Bergamo) che si sono divertiti a rivestire i propri nomi con i tratti grafici di noti marchi di prodotti. Sotto la guida della docente prof.ssa Falconi, gli studenti hanno proposto i loghi di società multinazionali i cui, marchi, sono sotto gli occhi di tutti (Pizza Hut, Coke, Sprite, Vodafone, Mc Donald’s, Apple, Google, Telecom Italia, Moncler, Corona, Kung Fu Panda e altri). Un irresistibile gioco che si è trasformato anche in un bell’esercizio di osservazione.  


After a successful 2011 Parallax AF – I’ve participated at it in the last October edition – is moving to Chelsea Town Hall in the fashionable King’s Road area of Chelsea, London, with a sister project, Plat4m, remaining at La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall. The third edition of Parallax AF takes place from today Thursday 16th February to Saturday 18th February 2012 , and is curated by Dr.Chris Barlow. 

Explains Dr. Barlow, Director of BFA and P(AF) International : “Our usual four private views alone were attracting over 2500 guests, so it made sense to upscale the venue. Importantly, we will still keep it affordable and flexible for exhibitors, and entry will be free for visitors… I’m very pleased that increasing numbers of artists are joining us from Turkey, Eastern Europe, Iran and Africa. Interestingly, we have art concerning aspects of the Arab Spring made by artists in that region, which brings a perspective from people actually living through it.”

A feature of the event is the P(AF) Inaugural Lecture, given in the past by important cultural thinkers, such as the Californian art historian Professor Donald Preziosi. In February, it will be given by the historian, Professor Alun Munslow.

Visiting a P(AF) is to experience a living poetic metaphor, not simply an event or art fair,” explains Dr.Barlow. “There are many assumptions about the art object that affect every aspect of any fair, such as selection committees and how they function in relation to objects and knowledge. Where P(AF) differs is that we identify the problem and then rather bravely put it ‘out there’ for public debate. Far from being stuffy or high-brow, the point here is to emphasise a further democratisation of contemporary art so that more people can feel confident about collecting and commenting on visual art culture.”

The fair showcases contemporary art from West & East Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Turkey, UAE and Oceania. Press night: Wednesday 15th February, 6pm; Thursday 16th February, 10am – 6pm; Friday 17th February, 10am – 6pm; Saturday 18th February, 10am – 5pm. Entry is free to the Public.

Parallax AF showcases established and emerging international contemporary artists. It is a platform for artists to present their work to national and international dealers, art-industry people, collectors, critics and buyers without commission charges in an exhibition format underpinned with critical theory.



“Wow! It’s hot! It’s hot! It’s hot”: these are the words that composer, musician, producer and performer Sweet P emailed me after the view of our clip “Shake your dreams (Shake your club)”. A clip created at the distance of 9.718 kms… He lives in Los Angeles (CA), me in Milan area (Italy). But technologies today do miracles… We have already collaborated in 2010 for the “(Hip)Pop” clip (a sort of homage to the great pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, 1923-1997). The new clip soundtrack (“Shake your club”) is taken from the recent Sweet P album (“Superbad”). Pop and Abstract pics – coming from my collection of Images of Torn (publi)City– are mashed up with the capturing Sweet P sound which fuses R’n’B, Soul and Hip Hop. See him in action, while he’s working on the piece, in his home studio (below the link). I think this guy – who writes, performs, composes and produces for his own – deserves attention and success!

Clip YouTube:



“They didn’t believe in me but I believed in myself!”: Sweet P The Entertainer is music producer, singer, songwriter, engineer and performer.  He began his musical journey in the gritty projects of Griffin, GA USA (one hour south of Atlanta, Georgia) and this is where his ears where first tickled by the sweet melodic sounds of Bob Marley, George Benson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Michael Jackson. It was around the age of 12 when he began to expand his music palette by listening to and developing a love for light rock artist’s & bands. His many influences led him to pursue a career as a recording artist performing in thousands of showcases where he began to craft his artistic abilities. He joined various singing groups in his local area along with his brother who was at the time a hot budding young music producer. He performed in talent shows, nightclubs and parties throughout the city of “Hotlanta”. He soon found himself producing music for other local artist as well as for the various singing groups he performed with. He decided to head to college where he’d take up Classical & Jazz Piano along with Acoustic Guitar for the next five years to further his musical abilities.

After years of honing his vocals, live performance, music production, engineering & songwriting skills he moved to Los Angeles.  He’s currently establishing himself as one of the hottest independent artist/producer’s on the local scene as well as on the internet. He’s not only produced Hip-Hop for young rappers but also R&B, Pop and Rock music for budding vocalist. Sweet P has sold over 35,000 records independently all over the streets of America within a span of about four years! Sweet P created the “” website to allow the world to come and see what he can bring to the table as a musician and as well as an Artist/Entertainer. “Superbad” is his new album.

SWEET P creating “Shake The Club” song



Seven Roberto Alborghetti “Lacer/actions” are now part of a 30 seconds videoclip created in collaboration with Los Angeles based composer, musician, producer and performer Sweet P The Entertainer. They have already collaborated in 2010 for the “(Hip)Pop” clip (a sort of homage to the great pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, 1923-1997). The new clip soundtrack (“Shake your club”) is from the recent Sweet P album (“Superbad”). Pop and Abstract pics – coming from Roberto Alborghetti huge collection of Images of Torn (publi)City – are mashed up with the capturing Sweet P sound which fuses R’n’B, Soul and Hip Hop. So, Shake your Dreams and Shake your Eyes for a funny and flashing visual experience…

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I knew Daphne Hughes during last Parallax AF in London, at La Galleria (October 2011). She was one of my fellow exhibitors. “Regenerations” was the title of the works she showed there. Daphne presented me a book – “End of the line, A painters journey” – in which she tells her experience in Art. Daphne lives in the South East of England (Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire). She is a Contemporary Artist creating large Abstract paintings based on her photography.

I was really struck by her works. Daphne loves to explore the minute details of surfaces inherent in objects that surround us. She captures images and exposes their complex surface textures, observing and translating these qualities into paintings. She uses to create large scale fabrications of texture or movement. Each painting is unique and original with strong visual qualities, and by their nature create a tactile response by the use of mixed and diverse mediums.

Daphne worked on a series of large paintings inspired by the discarded object and corroded materials in the environment. She interprets and captures the spirit of their unconventional displacement and existence into paintings in her own unique style.

Daphne Hughes says: “I am a Contemporary Artist passionate about my work. My paintings are predominately abstract with rich surface qualities. I have a strong interest in Photography, and my work is based on the exploration of minute details of surfaces inherent in objects that surround us. I capture images and expose their complex surface textures and their comprehensive and intrinsic worth, observing and translating these qualities into paintings. From the photographs I take their descriptive values and compositional potential which I then interpret into paintings that encapsulate their unintentional beauty. It is the translation of the original images that promotes and manifests. A response and a passion to paint an enhanced physical version, intensifying the original qualities”.





A beautiful song (Miracle) to remember a soulful voice, her albums (as the undervalueded “The Preacher’s Wife“, and his innovative way to sing gospels) and a little great woman who reminds us how fragile life – and showbiz – are… 


  WHITNEY, THE “MIRACLE” OF A VOICE, posted with vodpod