Also in London the traditional ads billboards have been replaced by electronic or plastic displays. So it’s not so easy to find images of ripped posters for my “Lacer/actions” Art Project. But the luck helps who dares… and who opens the doors of perception. Anyway, I had the way to “capture” some interesting images. They were located in central areas, but not so visible to absent-minded passers-by. I had to keep my eyes open wide to discover them. For instance, in Spitafields, along Bishopgates and Shoreditch High Street, I caught some curious lacerations. They were white paper tracks left on blue coloured walls. Nice effects: they seemed to me as a sort of elusive ghosts or some misterious signs indicating a path in the urban jungle… Check ou the clip with nine images from the Hidden London, a city so close to us, but often so far from our eyes. The clip’s soundtrack is “Don’t mind” by Stukenberg. Blue London clip at; Blue London clip at; Blue London clip at Youtube

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