It’s really going around the world, gaining an amazing record of views, in all Continents.

It’s MYDADDY (WOUNDED SO MUCH) clip, which shows pupils talking about accidents at work that involve their parents. The video is dedicated to the 10th edition of “First in Safety”, an Italian social campaign sponsored by Rossini Trading Spa, Anmil  and Okay! Magazine. All this is an interesting and unusual phenomenon. A short and poor video – not supported by media productions or by hundreds of thousands of euro investements – is shared by dozens and dozens of websites, which have embedded it also through YouTube.

MYDADDY (WOUNDED SO MUCH)  clip is an original and particular contribution given to one of the most dramatic phenomena affecting Italy and even the so called civilized world.


1,170 deads. And over 775,000 injuries. These are the numbers of the dramatic “war report” about a year (2011) of accidents at works in Italy. These numbers are impressive. As if we were at war. For this reason it is urgent to raise voice and the guard. Even with a message. How it does “MYDADDY”, a delicate and passionate videoclip which supports “FIRST IN SAFETY” (Primi in Sicurezza”) a national social campaign for the prevention of accidents at work which invites schools and young people to face the problem. This campaign – at its 10th edition – is promoted by ROSSINI TRADING Spa, ANMIL (the italian Association for injured people) and OKAY! monthly magazine. It’s unique in Italy and Europe and maybe in the global world (at least for continuity, originality and effectiveness). “MyDaddy” clip – created by Roberto Alborghetti – was made with the collaboration of “P.Mazzi” Primary School and Piancastagnaio Municipality (Siena) and Osa Onlus Association. So, thanks to the pupils who participated to the video production in a spontaneous and improvised way.

Here we point out only some of the links to related sites that are sharing the clip, which is online at Youtube and Vodpod!)

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