• Pure Silk Scarves / Limited-edition – Crêpe de Chine – A Three Images Series.

  • Created by Roberto Alborghetti for “Lacer/actions” Project (Images of torn posters and urban “signs”) in collaboration with Bruno Boggia Disegni (Como, Italy)

  • Sizes: width 63 cms, height 170 cms.


Silk scarf. # 1: “Shared Moods”

Silk Scarf # 2: “Nine Eleven, New York 2001″


Silk Scarf # 3: “Wind of May, ruffle my thoughts”


A three silk scarves series are now on sale at “La Bottega di Oscar” / Oscar’s Boutique. They are available in a very special limited-edition and at a special price. The silk scarves designs are  unique: they reproduce details of images concerning torn posters  captured on the cities walls around the world by Italian visual artist and reporter Roberto Alborghetti who had the idea to turn trash into an art subject (his incredible abstract pics are also trasnferred on canvases, lithographs and other materials). 

Roberto Alborghetti created and produced this particular fashion accessory with the assistance and collaboration of the internationally known textile designer Bruno Boggia, who works for the most famous international fashion stylists. Roberto Alborghetti creations have already won consents and attentions throughout the web and from medias; New York blogger Marina Chetner ( wrote that “Roberto’s torn poster art inspired silk scarves are going to be the next big fashion trend”.

 To buy them, contact: or

This special limited-edition of silk scarves is available on three designs titled: “Shared Moods”, “Nine Eleven, New York 2001”, “Winds of May, ruffle my thoughts”.


Roberto Alborghetti

Videoclip at YouTube Channel