© Photos by Roberto Alborghetti

At Bruno Boggia Disegni Studio in Como – where has been created my special silk scarves from torn posters images  – eyes are already focused on the next 2013 and 2014 fashion seasons. Bruno and Lucia Boggia, with their collaborators, are working on the possible trends. Textile design usually anticipates dresses and accessories  patterns and often suggests shapes and solutions to fashion stylists. Also at Boggia Studio people raise high the “antennas” trying to be proactive.

I had the way to admire new fabric designs that Bruno Boggia is preparing for summer 2013 collections and for those of winter 2014. “The dominant trends seem to follow the rhythm of the seasons, their colors and their moods – Lucia Boggia says me -. So, warm colors for summer – yellow and green the prevailling ones – and reminding nature colors for winter. We are focusing on the colors of the natural environment, with an eye to the neutral ones we see in woods, fields and lands… In addition to the basic trends, we are working on geometry and floral subjects and on East flavours themes.”

This photo-gallery is a special preview of the amazing new textiles designs coming from Como (Italy). So, let’s dive in this extraordinary combination of colors and shapes. Bruno Boggia Disegni will participate to next Indigo Salon in Paris (September 19-21, 2012) and to forthcomings ComoCrea editions ( June 25-26 and October 29-30, 2012).