Fuerteventura is one of the islands wich make the Canary archipelago, a set of islands whose climate, geological, marine and botanical peculiarities have set apart as an area of exceptional natural interest. In order to protect it, a law has been passed, the Law of  Natural Areas in the Canaries, limiting human activity in certain zones. These zones are divided into Nature and Rural Parks, Nature Reserves, Nature Monuments, Protected Landscapes, and Areas of Scientific Interest. In Fuerteventura these areas are the Corralejo, Lobos and Jandia Nature Parks, che Betancuria Rural Park, the Malpais de is Arena, Montaña de Tindaya, Caldera de Gairía, Cuchillos de Vigán, Montaña  Cardón and Ajuy Nature Monuments; the Maipais Grande and Valebrón Protected Landscapes, and the Playa del Matorral which is an Ares of Scientific Interest.

Fuerteventura is now facing central government’s decision (Spain) to allow oil exploration in the Canary Islands. The debate is open. And local people and associations are raising protests.

Natalia Evora, Environment and Trasports Councillor in Fuerteventura, said to “Fuerteventura Magazine Hoy” : “First of all we must remember that in 21st Century we must speak of energies that do not pollute and we therefore think oil has become an obsolete industry… We must take into account the great damage and risks that this would create in our marine element, for biodiversity and for tourism…The Islands that are Biosphere Reserves, such as Fuerteventura, are creating another energy model and not one that is already being eliminated in many countries because of the problems it has created… An oil spill would immediately close the desalination plants that provide the water we consume”.

Greenpeace told that the planned oil spill – located in deep waters, at 3000 meters – would required 500 boats to act immediately in order to contain it. Fuerteventura doesn’t have the structure to be able to defend itself immediately against such a disaster…   

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