The Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe today in Brussels announced the release of the Chess Teaching Platform, a software that will enable teachers to teach chess in the classroom and enable pupils to further learn and practice at home with the aid of remote assistance.

The Chess Teaching Platform is a web-based training program for children from 7 – 9 years. It includes a full chess curriculum, web-based training lessons, workbooks and an instruction manual for the teacher and the pupils. The software also automatically provides detailed statistics on the progress of each pupil, group or class. The Chess Teaching Platform is expected to be available in the Autumn 2012 and will be compatible with all popular computing platforms including laptops and tablets. All teaching materials have been prepared by leading training specialists and chess experts.

The Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe, launched mid 2011, is also celebrating its first anniversary. The mission of the non-profit organization is to bring the many educational benefits of chess to children and young people in Europe by providing a chess curriculum and enrichment programs. In its first year the Foundation has developed a working model, built an organization to fulfill its ambition and taken the case for Chess in Schools to European politicians and policy makers.

In March 2012 the European Parliament voted to introduce the Foundation’s program ‘Chess in School’ Europe-wide with a focus on chess as a powerful educational tool.

 Jan Callewaert, President of the Foundation: “This has been an extraordinary start-up year. We built the Foundation from scratch to an organization that has been recognized by the European Parliament, is talked about in the world of chess and has a first product, the Chess Teaching Platform, coming to market.”

 Garry Kasparov, Chairman of the Foundation: “In this first year we have made important steps forward with the Foundation. The support we got from the European Parliament was a clear indication of the educational values chess brings to children. With the announcement of our software Chess Teaching Platform we make another important step forward in turning our mission into reality. I’m looking forward to very exciting times.”