In 2012 Flower Council Holland and Okay! review launched in Italy the 2nd  edition of  “The plant I like”. The goal was reaching new generations and speaking them about the world of plants and indoor plants, improving knowledges and informations. Kids from infant to secondary schools were involved in a graphic research about green. Okay! magazine, in special pages, presented informations and news, describing some popular indoor plants. School were invited to draw plants in every techniques, expressing their creativity and imagination…

With the aim to improve the students participation Okay! magazine gave also attention to Dutch grocers scene. In special pages, the review introduced news and experiences about Holland plants production. Producers were interviewed about their work and experiences (the questions were collected among a students focus group).

The Plant I like” outcome was better than expected. Students sent to promoters more than 4.000 drawings, confirming that the invitation launched by the Flower Council Holland has turned into an opportunity to look around, discover and learn about the wonderful world of plants which  offer color, comfort, serenity and well-being, to people, to environment and to homes.

A commission, composed by teachers and educators, selected the best drawings. The schools received the gift of a plant. The best drawings were shown in exhibitions, fairs and during a special event which took place some weeks ago with a huge students participation. Green culture is one of the privileged fields of Okay! magazine. In the last 13 years, with the collaboration of Flower CouncilHolland, activities were promoted to create new attention and interest in young people. Thousand of kids  approached the world of flowers and plants, receiving impulse to consider the importance of green for social life and for personal well-being.

And now, with these thousands of drawings, we may look at the plants through the eyes and the ears of children. And also plants have eyes and ears. Those of children.