By Marco Rossi

Over 5.000 people have already visited “Colors of An Apocalypse”, the Roberto Alborghetti exhibition hosted in the ancient and picturesque Aldobrandesca Fortress (XIII Century) on Mount Amiata, in Tuscany (PiancastagnaioSiena, Italy). Also in consideration of the growing interest and attention and the huge media coverage, the show has been exceptionally extended until January 15, 2013.


What someone has already called the “Italian artistic event” of the latter part of the year, it was developed with the web support (Roberto Alborghetti blog passed 70.000 visitors; his YouTube channel counted over 13,000 downloads) and the young people involvement. Over one thousand students have taken turns in the rooms of the charming manor, discovering the provocative artistic language of Roberto Alborghetti, professional journalist and writer, who for years has been collecting realistic images about the “decomposition of publicity posters” as the subtitle of the exhibition tells.

Proposed and promoted by Piancastagnaio Municipality, Osa Onlus and Pro Loco, with the support of the Province of Siena , “Colors of An Apocalypse ” has sparked an unexpected interest outside of the usual art circle and free from the current logics which manage the traditional promotion  of artistic expression. “Colors of an Apocalypse” exhibition displays forty artworks (paintings, lithographs, collages and three special limited-edition silk scarves) created by Roberto Alborghetti with the intriguing and fascinating language of his “Lacer/actions Project”.  Along the seven rooms, people have the way to know the meaning of an artistic research based on observation and reproduction of the decomposition of publicity posters and urban “signs” on the city walls.

Roberto Alborghetti enters with his eyes in the great Babel of ripped and lacerated colors and words in order to grasp the chromatic energy, revitalizing what we usually consider as a rejection or a disturbing element (for the eyes and the urban landscape).


“Colors of an Apocalypse

The Decomposed Publicity Posters”

Roberto Alborghetti Show

Aldobrandesca Fortress

Piancastagnaio, Siena, Tuscany – Italy  

Opening Time (till January 15, 2013):

10 to 12.30 am/ 17 to 19.30 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays.

For informations and visits by appointment:

Tel +39 0577/784134

e-mail: info@prolocopiancastagnaio.it