I love to mash-up different techniques and materials. I think contamination is the base of my “Lacer/actions Project” (my realistic images are reproduced on canvases, textiles, lithographs, a.s.o.). I like to test, as I did on a lithographs prints series from my collection. I have spread a coat of resin on the whole paper surface. Due to a surprising chemical reaction, the colors absorbed the resin in a different way giving to paper a different intensity in brilliancy… Yes, paper is incredible. And its decomposition too…

P.S. Pay attention to resin… It’s not so easy to handle.   


The Audible Noise Of The Days”

Realistic Image on Lithographic Prints + Resin

Image size: 26x 35


Image location: Milan

Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions Project


LaceR/Actions”is a multidisciplinary project and research about urban signs and landscapes, especially concerning the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed papers from billboards and advertisings diplays. I have so far collected more than 40.000 images. Impressed by photocamera and transferred on canvas, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles (as pure silk), scanned in a video clip, or re-built in collages, the details of torn posters give new life to paper lacerations. I think in the lacerated advertisings – and in paper mutation – is recognizable the “unwrapped” city, self-destroying in the messages, self-regenerating and self-reproducing in new visual elements, often contradictory, dissonant, discordant, but still surprisingly vital. 

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