Abstract white shores - Roberto Alborghetti lacer-actions 2013 (3)

LaceR/Actions works by Roberto Alborghetti


Realistic and not manipulated images from

torn and decomposed publicity posters




Roberto Alborghetti ‘s LaceR/Actions is a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed posters and urban/street signs. Transferred on canvas, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles (as pure silk), re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and decomposed posters give new life to paper lacerations and matter decomposition, as you may see in this gallery showing some of the 40.000 pics captured by Roberto Alborghetti during his research all around the world.

The most recent Roberto Alborghetti Show (“Colors of an Apocalypse: An Intrigue for the Eyes and Mind from the Decomposed Publicity Posters”) was displaced for 100 days in the enchanting  Aldobrandesca Fortress (XIII Century) in Tuscany (Piancastagnaio, Siena, Italy) from October 6, 2012, to January 15, 2013.

A surprise public exhibition, for one night only (“Lacer/actions Show”) took place on July 14, 2013, for a special event with Historical Place in a beautiful and ancient square (Palace of Countess, Ambivere, Bergamo, Milan area, Italy).

His forthcoming project, “Contemplations and Lacer/actions”, is inspired by Thomas of Olera (or Bergamo) Scripts (1563-1631). “Words from the Past, Images from the Future and an Experience for Today”.