Pitrose Beauty Concept Store ‘s owners had a beautiful idea. They created an installation showing my three silk scarves series now available in a very special limited edition. Pitrose Beauty Concept Store dedicated them an whole shop-window in the historical centre of Urgnano, Italy (Milan area). Silk fluxes are mashing up with outside autumn colors… Pietro and Rosy at Pitrose are very glad to welcome visitors with the gift of a booklet (Lacer/actions – Pictures of Torn (publi)City) and giving informations about artistic silk pieces displayed in the installation. They said that in the first days of the exhibition, people were really impressed about the show.       

The silk scarves design reproduces details of images concerning torn posters and urban “signs” I captured around the world. So, I had the way to turn “trash pictures” into an art subject (abstract scenes are also trasnferred on canvases, lithographic prints and other materials). The three silk scarves were produced with the assistance and collaboration of the internationally known textile designer Bruno Boggia, who works for the most famous international fashion stylists.

Blogger Marina Chetner (USA) wrote: “Roberto’s torn poster art inspired silk scarves are going to be the next big fashion trend… Personally, I think Roberto should set up a pop up shop for his works in Soho NYC, or even have them distributed in the Met Museum Shop”.

Artist and blogger Meredith Deerheart (USA) posted this article: “I received the scarf last night and took it outside to see all the hues and texture woven in gossamer.  I twirled around with it and felt like I had rainbow wings.  The transparency makes it look multi-dimensional… like floating colored glass.  I am rich, rich, rich! in color and texture today. I have a black cashmere dinner dress (long), and I pulled it out to make a long silhouette, then went outside and let the breeze blow the scarf lightly around the still blackness of my form.  The outfit looks so elegant, now, I will wear it to Chicago to celebrate by birthday.  I truly feel like the most beautiful woman in the world…  The pictures of the did not captures the extraordinary,  sheer luminosity of the silk, so in the the scarf is more stunning than I even imagined.  I think it is is a wonderful, extra surprise. I love it!  I love it! On my birthday, though, I will feel like the most elegant, beautiful woman in the theater wearing my scarf, and letting it flutter in the breeze as I walk. These are such beautiful, dimension scarves no camera can do justice to the gossamer effect of the silk refracted by translucent color… and when I dance with it and explore its movement through space, the scarf looks like fluid, translucent stained glass.
Honestly, if you want to impress a woman who’s wild about original fashion pieces, this a perfect gift… and a bargain. There’s a lot of crap on the market that all looks the same, and is more expensive. I love this scarf, and so does everyone who see me wear it. Beauty grows.  Never stop discovering, Roberto.  You have greatness pouring from every part of you”.


Silk scarf. # 1: “Shared Moods”


Silk Scarf # 2: “Nine Eleven, New York 2001”


Silk Scarf # 3: “Wind of May (is  ruffling my thoughts)”


  • Pure Silk Scarves / Limited  edition – Crêpe de Chine – A Three Images Series.

  • Created by Roberto Alborghetti for “Lacer/actions” Project (Images of torn posters and urban “signs”) in collaboration with Bruno Boggia Disegni (Como, Italy)

  • Sizes: width 63 cms, height 170 cms.