Sofiya Uryvayeva is a talented pianist. I was struck by her music and by her power to do magics with the piano. And she was fascinated by my Lacer/actions artworks (images from details of torn publicity posters, urban signs and cracks). This clip mixes Sofiya music and my works. From her YouTube channel I choose an extraordinary track that Sofiya recorded live in June 11, 2011: “Chopin Revolutionary Etude”.

As someone said, Sofiya “projects her true love and passion for music with such intensity that the listener is swept into another world. Her tones and melodies are alive and vibrant; they appear from nowhere and seem to have a beating heart.”

I selected ten images that recall me in some ways the Chopin’s powerful melody. The clip has a lenght of only 30 seconds. Sofiya music transports us as well as “to places never before experienced: a whirlwind journey of emotion and excitement.”

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Sofiya Uryvayeva was born in Siberia with music in her soul. She was just a little girl when a seasoned and learned man proclaimed, “This girl has something  very profound to say in music!” Since she was 13 years old, the young pianist has been actively concertizing throughout the world. At the age of eighteen Sofiya was awarded the President’s Scholarship of Ukraine a rare and distinguished honor in her home country. Subsequently she studied at the Odessa State Musical Academy and at the age of twenty was invited to Germany  for post-graduate study as recipient of a full scholarship from Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg. While in Germany, she earned a Master’s  Degree and Doctorate Degree in Music                  Performance, and performed in many concerts, including solo and chamber music programs, receiving the highest accolades and the most rave reviews from both the German public and press. Modern German composer P.M. Braun stated that Sofiya was “one of the best in her generation”.

In 2009 Sofiya moved to the USA – she was approved for US residency as an “alien of extraordinary ability” – where she has continued her burgeoning performing career. Her most recently performance took place at the Steinway Piano Gallery  in Miami which was filmed and broadcast on television, in addition to live performances on the South Florida Radio, at the Boca Raton Steinway Piano Gallery and at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. Her concerts have been described by critics as “A Festival for All the Senses, for the Soul and for Life;” “Magic Ride on the Witch’s Broom;” and “Brilliant Technique with Soul”.