act 2014

Next Thursday March 13 is going to be a “wow!” of an ACT (Art-Culture-Tourisme) in Beeston, Nottingham, UK. It is also going to be a “cultural experiment” bringing all together to perform artists from different Nations of the world. I’m very glad to be part of this wonderful event, promoted by ACT, with my Lacer/actions Project about works of torn and decomposed publicity posters, natural and random “cracks” and urban signs.

The second event (Cultures Crossing) will be held at Anglo-Scotian Mills on Wollaton Road, Beeston, from18:00 to 20:30 (March 13). This time, there will be guest performers coming from different countries presenting wonderful music, dance, literature, arts etc. It is also a great opportunity to network with people from the business and creative domain. This event is free admission.

Marysia Zipser (ACT group, Events Manager & Arts/Heritage Tourism promoter) announced that “The 2nd networking event of ACT group” is going to be a “cultural experiment” bringing the “following artists together to experience via their YouTube extracts:Roberto Alborghetti (reporter, author, visual artist, founder of “Lacer/actions” project), Suman Guptar  (contemporary Indian artist in Kashmir), Ron G Button  (poet & short story writer in Denver, Colorado), Rand Heidinger (visual artist & Brand in Winnipeg), Beverley Price (jewellery artist in Jo’burg), Aenaeas Macrae (abstract artist in Vancouver).

Here’s the latest line-up of performers: Ling Peng (musician and composer playing Erhu), Dori Kirchmair (artist, poet, inspirational talker – reciting her poem “Resonance”), Trak E Smith (poet, author, artist, antiques dealer, lecturer – reciting his latest Beeston poem “The Haj”), Adam Zareba (musician, songwriter, dream chaser, Media Studies student at Nottingham Trent University ).

 The event will be video-filmed, photographated and audio boo pod-casted and edited and posted on ACT website which will be officially launched on 13th March too. 


ACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism)

Marysia Zipser (Founder/Secretary), Paul Boyd (Chair), Oksana Holbrook (Treasurer/Legal), Shalen Fu (ACT Assistant & Comms/Journalism student from University of Nottingham & Ningbo).