Last Thursday night 13th March saw ACT Group’s 2nd networking performance leap to electrifying heights! ACT Group, not-for-profit organisation, based Beeston, Nottingham, UK, brought together 10 artistes from around the globe to perform a “cultural experiment” at its “Cultures Crossing” themed evening.  ACT’s mission, as facilitators, is embracing a fusion of multi-cultural creatives to act as one single voice to promote the town of Beeston, Nottingham. The nucleus was centred at Anglo Scotian Mills, Wollaton Road, Beeston’s Victorian landmark building, where everyone gathered for a perfect networking environment and to enjoy an evening of “live” performances.

Marysia Zipser, Founder/Secretary of ACT Group, introduced her new team of followers – Paul Boyd as Chairman, Oksana Holbrook as Treasurer/Legal Affairs and Shalen Fu, ACT Assistant and currently University of Nottingham’s international exchange student from Ningbo campus, China.

Dori Kirchmair – poet, artist, inspirational speaker, kicked off the impressive line-up by reciting her poem “Resonance” depicting an event which she experienced two years ago and has transcribed into “performance”. Her voice portrays such sensitivity and she has to be seen and heard to be appreciated.  Initially a fine artist, she now devotes her time to writing poetry, reciting and speaking throughout Nottinghamshire. Viennese born, she has lived in UK for 20 years and now resident at Arnold, Nottingham.

Ling Peng – musician and composer, from Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham – performed and conveyed two spine tingling “stories” on erhu, a traditional musical stringed instrument that has been played in China for over 600 years.  Ling performs Europe-wide and is touring shortly to Edinburgh and around the UK; last time she played was at Lakeside Theatre University of Nottingham during Chinese New Year celebrations.  Her emotional and evocative renditions proved to Thursday’s audience that Beeston can achieve so much to embrace its significant Chinese community to promote its international cultural and business linkages.

Adam Zareba, 19, musician, songwriter, dream chaser and Media Studies student at Nottingham Trent University, performed two songs “Whiskey” and “Holding On”.  Adam, with his wonderful voice, empowered all present, especially those Chinese students, who fell in love with him, his music and lyrics.  He is off to tour USA East Coast and then Chicago from 11th June for 6 weeks.  He has another EP out 21st April and has many YouTube extracts.  Say no more – everyone can join him on Twitter!  This global star-to-be lives at Gamston, Nottingham.

Clare Brown, English teacher and Head of Department, from Beeston, stood in, at short notice, for her partner, Trak E Smith (pen name Trak E Sumisu), poet, author, antiques dealer, lecturer, to relate about his latest trilogy of transgressive genre novels first of which “CPR – Cognitive Positive Regard” was published Summer 2013. 

Marcus Gilmore was present to explain his role as Trak’s book cover designer and how their working design relationship transpired and evolved. Matthew Stent, the protagonist, is a psychotherapist living in Nottingham who travels to Berlin and Glastonbury whilst unravelling and analysing his clients’ cases.  There are many affectionate Nottingham coffee-shop rants which are very amusing and revealing.

The cultural experiment exchange then followed with 3 minute YouTube and website extracts from 6 artistes from South Africa, Canada, USA, India and Italy.  Namely, Beverley Price, jewellery artist from Johannesburg, Rand Heidinger, visual artist and brand from Winnipeg, AEneas Macrae, abstract digital artist from Vancouver, Suman Guptar, Indian contemporary artist from Kashmir, Ron G Button, poet and short story writer from Denver Colorado and Roberto Alborghetti, reporter, author, visual artist and founder of Lacer/Actions project in Milan. 

This fusion was appreciated by many artists and gallery owners present who agreed that their works could produce wonderful trans-global cultural “business” for all in Beeston, Nottingham. In between rests, Ling and Adam were noticed playing their erhu and guitar  strings harmoniously together – maybe they will start a new musical collaboration, with Dori writing the connecting words…we can only wait to see and hear. It was an evening to be remembered – all those after the event and the following day related how emotionally charged they were during and after each performance so all their senses were heightened.  In fact, there were several photographers who attended and didn’t realise their majority presence until they networked and met each other! A “cultural crossing” converged and emerged victorious on Thursday evening – it was certainly “Veni, Vidi, Vici!” for everyone at The Lace Mill in Beeston…

Photographs by Paul Boyd: 

Dori Kirchmair, Adam Zareba, Clare Brown and Ling Peng


Dori Kirchmair  


Adam Zareba

https://twitter.com/adamzarebamusic and https://soundcloud.com/start-static

Ling Peng


Trak E Smith (pen name Trak E Sumisu)



Marcus Gilmore 


http://skaramanger.deviantart.com/gallery/ and also go onto Gallery Folders

Beverley Price



Rand Heidinger 


Aeneas Macrae  


Suman Guptar 


Ron G Button – poem “Sunshine Blossom” to be recorded shortly by Marysia Zipser  http://www.youtube.com/user/gumbysfist & go onto VIDEOS

Roberto Alborghetti 




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