Guest Writer: Stefano Alberti


On July 12, 2014, the 40th edition of “An exhibition, A restoration” was inaugurated in Norcia (Perugia, Umbria, Italy) with the aim to restore and to preserve the artistic heritage of the famous Umbrian town.

This year, the initiative has the participation of 416 Italian artists who by their works they intended to support the work of protection of the altarpiece of the “Coronation of the Virgin” by Jacopo Siculo (1541), which requires a sound-absorbing curtain. The exhibition is displaced in the enchanting monumental and medieval complex of San Francesco until 7 September 2014. The event is promoted by the “An exhibition, A restoration” Committee, with its president prof. Giuseppe Urso, and by the City Council of Norcia.

Among the works participating in this worthy initiative, there is also a unique piece of Roberto Alborghetti created as part of his project “Lacer/actions”. It is a collage made of about 300 small pieces of scrap paper from torn and decomposed advertising posters which are one of the subjects of his visual research, together with natural and random cracks, scratches and urban “signs”. The work presented in Norcia is titled “Shooting Star” and measures 53 × 35. Also it is shown in the official Catalogue published for an event which is going to attract keen interest, many art lovers and tourists in the homeland of St. Benedict, patron of Europe.

The forty years of “An exhibition restoration” began thanks to the initiative of the Committee President, prof. Giuseppe Urso , along with a dozen families (later came to 30) and the support of more than 100 contemporary and successful artists (from Italy and abroad); among them: Manfredi, Castellani, Maccari, Caruso, Greek, Dorazio, Guttridge. Every year they donated artworks for the creation of a show whose proceeds were donated to the restoration of an art masterpiece.

“Along the years – prof. Giuseppe Urso says – a friendship has been created between us and the artists. Thanks to them we have been restored so far about 30 works. The last one was the sixteenth-Century wooden sculpture of St. Claude and St. Roch from Serravalle di Norcia. Now the focus is on the beautiful “Coronation of the Virgin” painted by Jacopo Siculo in 1541”.