My photo sent to Education International Photo-Action was chosen to be exhibited next year in the seventh E.I. World Congress in Ottawa, Canada! These great news were sent to me by EI Communications team and by General Secretary Fred Van Leeuven who forwarded me a Certificate of Participation. As you remember, Education International has launched its first world-wide Photo-action as part of the campaign “Unite for Quality Education”. Its aim was to show the great scope of teaching and learning conditions that can be found in different countries and regions. The campaign wanted to show the importance of quality education and the diverse situations that are found around the world, bringing to the fore the  learning and teaching community aspect.

Students visiting Colors of an Apocalypse exhibition in Tuscany, Italy

Photo by Roberto Alborghetti – “Arms of the Heart”. Picture from Roberto Alborghetti’s “Colors of an Apocalypse” Show at Aldobrandesca Fortress (XIII Century), Piancastagnaio-Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

I participated to this campaign with “Arms of the Heart” picture. It shows students visiting my “Colors of an Apocalypse” exhibition at Aldobrandesca Fortress (XIII Century) in Siena country, Tuscany (Italy). I think in this picture we may catch some interesting elements about the “sense of learning today”. As you can see, there is a student who observes, another guy seems to watch in another direction. I focused my attention (and my camera) on the third one, at the centre of the scene. This guy – perhaps with an unconventional gesture – wants to know, wants to touch and wants to find out about the art work on the wall… I think today’s world needs this kind of action: to put young people in the right situations to know and understand. As the photo shows, learning means not being afraid to throw up our arms and feel that life is everywhere and in everything…

Education International selected the photographs that best depicted the elements described above with the aim to organize an exhibition during the next EI World Congress in Ottawa, Canada. The Photo-action ended with a raffle and the award of 3 iPad minis to 3 lucky participants. The iPad winners, as announced on Education International Facebook, are from Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ghana. All three were selected in a raffle as was stated in the terms and conditions of the contest.

I thank EI for this great opportunity. And my gratitude goes to all people who supported me in this important initiative, above all Marysia Zipser, Founder  of UK based ACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism), voluntary community organization in Beeston, Nottingham, and Rajendra Nhisutu, Chairman of Mt. Everest Tower Organization, an entirely volunteer based multi-denominational, non-governmental, non-profit association. As you remember, my participation to Photo-action supported his appeal to provide school supplies for 65 Orphans and Destitute Children of Western Nepal who are missing school because they cannot manage the necessary funding required.



This is the official communication I received yesterday (October 13) from Education International: “Thank you for your fantastic contributions to the EI photo action on Facebook. We received many pictures from all over the world, which clearly show the diversity of the teaching profession and the commitment of teachers and support staff in their daily work. The iPad winners, as announced on Ecucation International Facebook are from Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ghana. All three were selected in a raffle as was stated in the terms and conditions of the contest. For your kind contribution, and for having taken the time to post your pictures with a description, we are attaching a certificate of participation. Finally, we would be very thankful if you could resend your pictures in high resolution in a reply to this email so that we can exhibit them next year during our seventh World Congress in Ottawa, Canada. Thank you very much again and stay tuned on Facebook for more news. Kind regards. The EI communications team”