My upcoming solo exhibition – “Colors Of An Apocalypse 2015″ – will take place in a beautiful setting: the amazing Romanesque Baptistery on Lake Como, Italy. My show is scheduled for 3 days, on July 3-4-5,  in the beautiful Lenno town, in the historical center –  50 meters from the lake shore! – where we admire one of the most stunning examples of Romanesque art in Northen Italy. It stands on the left side of the parish Church, where we may find an incredibile Romanesque crypt.

BANNERThe Baptistery is dedicated to St. John (The Baptist) and built in the 11th Century. Its structure looks incredibly simple and essential: we see a squared bell tower and an apse pointed to north. The octagonal plant has a simbolic meaning: in fact number eight coincide with the 7 days of creation plus the one of the Resurrection. Other characteristics signs: the vault, the portal with his three archs, and the inside where you can find fragments of medieval frescos and a baroque pictorial cycle.

The octagonal Baptistery and its enchanting structure will give strenght and evocative power to my exhibition which will show 25 works from my “Lacer/actions” project. Every artwork will be introduced quoting a phrase  from “The Apocalypse of John”. Images and words to suggest a trip through hopes and tragedies of human life and beings.

Follow the flock of doves… “The Apocalypse” is approachin’…     

banner header 2 - Copia (2)

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