This is the videoclip I created about the spectacular wedding dress made by Mitrani Yarden, fashion designer and artist. Three months of work, meters of silk and stretch tulle, 5 different kinds of lace-embroidery (stitched directly on the dress), hundreds of blue an red pearls, 35 covered buttons: these are some numbers behind this wonderful creation.

Through my photos and video I tried to bring my eyes close to the wedding dress, using some macros too, with the aim to show how Yarden Mitrani hand made created this wonderful outfit. So I liked to work on details and particulars, trying to reveal through a close-up the beauty of this wedding dress. The videoclip shows only a little part of the great work by Yarden Mitrani. He really suffered on this dress which also tells the story of an emerging fashion designer who thinks that fashion world need to be renewed and re-found. For the soundtrack, Yarden suggested a great bossanova track by Joao Gilberto: “O nosso amor a felicidade”; composers: Jobim /DeMoraes. I immediately agreed with him!

Born in Tel-Aviv, Mitrani Yarden started his professional way in 2009. In 2010 he won a fashion contest at the Israeli channel 10 “The most expensive dress”. He continued in Paris at ESMOD (luxury and haut couture woman’s fashion) and then he had professional experiences in several French couture fashion houses in Paris such as Julien Fourniè, Chanel and taking parts on big names runway fashion shows for Rick Owens and Vivienne Westwood.

Yarden’s life has been sealed by a dramatic experience. He tells: “I was a soldier in the special forces in paratroopers and I passed the Second Lebanon War. They say that who experienced war know how to take and to give freedom to others. Because it was up to me, I received  blessing and wisdom to use my power to deliver a message to the world through my fashion and art! The goal is simply to make people smile, giving them the courage and strength to fight for what is special about them without hiding themselves behind a ‘community’ or a ‘society’ ”.

IMG_5216 (700x800) - CopiaMitrani Yarden says: “My Creation are cosmic and multifaceted. An infinity and multicultural in reality. My point is to meltinpot all the different and rich uniqueness on earth in to a modernity,harmoney,ellegancey and soficticated silouhette for offerring people to have the ability and the opportunity to achives clothes that will get a full and perfect harmony with their personality and their character. The ability for having the perfect way to express and communicate themself to everyone in every moments”.

For Mitrani Yarden, “a designer is like conducting an orchestra … A good conductor knows how to harmonize the different tools. And that’s the same for a good fashion designer! And the most powerful force to shed light on the darkness is love. So let’s just continue to give love and bring hopes to the world through art and fashion!”. Yes, as he did creating this amazing wedding dress.




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