Artist Eylon Malhi (he lives in Tel Aviv, Israel) composed, performed, edited and produced «Sneaking Flute» soundtrack for the « Flower’s stem » video by Mitrani Yarden and Roberto Alborghetti. We have asked him to tell something about his experience in the music.   


I am a musician, composer a musical producer and sound artist. I started to play on piano since 5 years old classic music and at 10 years old I decided to pass playing guitar.

I passed most of my life as a guitarist. I am usually playing blues and rock and when I was 17 years old I started to play flamenco.

When I arrived to play in a higher levels of quality in my speciality in the style of flamenco I found myself developing techniques of the rumba style. Two years later I started to play bossa-nova and samba.


At the age of 19 I have opened a recording studio in Tel-Aviv and had been closed one year after. In the second part of that year I have started to work as a composer in an electronic music band called “Triplett”.

With “Triplett” group we had arrived to amazing  and respected places around the world and also collaborating with the top electronic musicians all around the globe.

In the age of 20 I have started to performed all around Tel-Aviv city with songs I had composed and written from my first album which is still not finish and published.

I have gathered wonderful and amazing comments around the whole city and I played with the most talented and best musicians all over Israel.

Today I am 22 years old and I am taking one step higher all everything I know and all my knowledge, passion, love and my creativity. I’m starting to open my wings in everything which connected and take part about composing, producing, editing, writing, music and sound. The small process I passed from 5 years old until today had brought me the best tools I need to open my wings and fly…

Today I am sitting in a new studio at my home in Tel-Aviv coming and improving day by day in the business of voice designing,sound and creativity.





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