Roberto Alborghetti and Marysia Zipser, March 27, 2015, Nottingham (UK) - Photo by Paul Boyd

Roberto Alborghetti and Marysia Zipser, March 27, 2015, Nottingham (UK) – Photo by Paul Boyd



Press Release 10TH September 2015

from ACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism) Nottingham, UK


A beautiful visual adventure is budding from the Land of Robin Hood to the Land of Ghino di Tacco in Tuscany. From the much lauded March 27th GHOST BUS SHOW and UK short films premiere at Nottingham and its collaboration between celebrated visual artist Roberto Alborghetti, ACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism) and Bartons plc, an exciting international abstract art gallery is travelling along the road bridging England to Italy, via an old rusty bus.  An exciting multi art, culture and tourism show that will be starting on Wednesday 21 October with the ACT Tuscany GRAND TOUR and finishing on Wednesday 28 October.

In the middle weekend of the tour, 24 & 25 October, at Mount Amiata, where the extinct volcano resides over this stunning landscape, there is taking place, at the medieval hill topped town of Piancastagnaio, a wonderful mayorial reception and tour offered to the people of Beeston, Nottingham, East Midlands and from all over England, with descending visitors from Italy and all over Europe.

On Sunday 25 October evening, in collaboration with Osa Onlus, the Comune of Piancastagnaio, his Major Luigi Vagaggini,  the highlight of the tour will be the ITALIAN short film premiere of THE GHOST BUS followed by an explosive ART FASHION & DESIGN SHOW by Roberto Alborghetti and international couturier Mitrani Yarden, fashion designer and artist. 

Mitrani Yarden, fashion designer and artist, is collaborating with Roberto Alborghetti to create an

Mitrani Yarden, fashion designer and artist, is collaborating with Roberto Alborghetti to create an “haute couture” creation based on an artwork from The Ghost Bus series; Photo: Roberto Alborghetti (HOPES project).

The huge publicity derived from this great collaboration of Italian visual artist, Beeston based art-culture-tourism group and an old rusty 1950s bus once operated by Bartons, has led to Art-Culture-Tourism “twinning talks” between Nottingham and Tuscany.  In fact Beeston with Piancastagnio, Nottingham with Siena, East Midlands region with Mount Amiata region.  And these “talks” will be progressed and ACTivated during the Tuscany GRAND TOUR.

A visual treat is in store for those booking and participating in this road and landscape adventure bringing together England and Italy. The writing is on the wall… follow the RENAISSANCE to the heart of Tuscany!

“The road never ends…only our vision does.” (A.Reddy)

Flyer by Sara Twomey


For more information:

Marysia Zipser, Founder ACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism), Beeston, Nottingham, UK    marysiazipser@hotmail.co.uk     http://www.a-c-tgroup.com/  @A_C_Tgroup   0115 8753817   Mob 07899 798487 (may not be working)


Roberto Alborghetti, visual artist, author, journalist, Bergamo, Italy  https://robertoalborghetti.wordpress.com/    @RobAlborg


Patrizia Malomo, MD, Corymbus Tour Operator travel agency, Siena  viaggi@corymbus.it   www.corymbus.it   @Andantecongusto


Useful Links:   

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu4wVOVXHyQ  THE GHOST BUS – The Magical Night of the Short Films Premiere 27 March 2015



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