Walking Man and Standing Man - © Roberto Alborghetti (6)

© Roberto Alborghetti

Walking along the Canal path, at Point Complex at Paddington Basin, not so far from Little Venice area, in London, I had the great surprise to admire two statues. Or better: a scene “depicted” by two statues…

They are sculptures representing two men: one is walking and the other is standing. The two giant sized men are facing each other, at some meters of distance. Both are life-size or maybe a bit taller and are cast from bronze and painted with oil paints. And if you pass there at the rush-hour, they mix themselves among the crowd.

The two statues were created by the British Sculptor Sean Henry and displayed at Paddington Basin in 2003 (as an inscription says). Of the same artist we can also admire in London the three statues called Man With Potential Selves, that are located in the lobby of the The Cumberland Hotel.

Yes, very impressive sculptures indeed. So “normal”, so “human” but so impressive! Whether you are a Londoner, or tourist visiting London get yourself along to Paddington Basin to have a look of Sean Henry’s masterpieces, Walking Man and Standing Man, and the Man With Potential Selves at The Cumberland Hotel. I warmly recommend you this.

The two statues at Paddington Basin evoke a sense of estrangement that accentuates the anonymity that usually attacks us when we are in a great metropolis. And then, inside us, questions and thoughts begin to raise. The bronze statues by Sean Henry help us to make a responses space. And to find out, once again, how art is close to people, to their soul, to their thoughts.