Janette Nosella (General Manager, Human Resources, Toronto, Canada) purchased the limited edition of the three silk scarves I created in collaboration with Boggia Disegni Studio in Como for my“Lacer/actions” project about abstract macro photos of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial matters. After having received them, Janette kindly sent me on my Linkedin profile this recommendation:

“ROBERTO’s imagination shines through in his Limited Edition Three Scarf Set. Replicated from your world renowned inspirational Art the focus is bold and progressive. Two were gifted to family members with a tremendous appreciation of your fascinating art and sensational composition. Both individuals are honoured to wear images of ROBERTO ‘s stimulating creativity and your pure compositions on the luxury of silk. The innovative art representation on my personal scarf is a masterpiece of stimulating allure.  We thank you ROBERTO for spreading your striking imprint throughout the world. Your enthusiasm toward nature and technology positively radiates through your substance and style”.

Some days before, commenting a post on Linkedin, Janette Nosella wrote these words too about the silk scarves: “Since ROBERTO ALBORGHETTI sent me the three scarves in different designs I must say Marysia Zipser  has a fabulous point regarding this art work. His scarves are so light and large. Maybe because I am a short person (petite as my Dad used to say.) The one for my Mum, she is also short, seemed larger than scarves you buy in stores. Here in Canada you pay more for that length as they are considered shawl length scarves. As I told you they are absolutely beautiful…”.

Thank you so much dear Janette for your wonderful words which are a great encouragement to continue do discover the incredible details and particulars of the world around us. Because , as I use to say for my “Lacer/actions” project, “we may see things that we don’t even imagine”.

Roberto Alborghetti - Lacer/actions, Silk Scarves

Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions, Silk Scarves