© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions

© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions

Some more signs, scratches and graffiti from the walls in Rome…  As I usually like to say, they’re not paintings, or digitally made compositions. They’re abstract and macro photos I usually take while I’m walking along the streets: I  collected so far more than 100.000 images. I’m always amazed how the reality goes beyond every imagination…
“LaceR/Actions” is a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks, crevices, scratches and urban and industrial signs and tokens. Transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles, re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and disfigured posters and natural cracks and scratches give new meanings and expressions to paper lacerations and matters decomposition.

© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions

© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions


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