A visual arts creation by Roberto Alborghetti developed from his “Lacer/actions” project, which concerns realistic images (macro photography not manipulated) of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial tokens and materials.

Roberto says, “While touring Bartons garage in Chilwell, Nottingham (in October 2014) I chanced upon classic vehicles including ‘The Ghost Bus’, a 1956 URR 865 Reliance, which had spent 20 years slumbering in an open field in Suffolk.”

The Ghost Bus ‘Roads’ Project consists of two 14 minute films for public performance; “The Ghost Bus” and “Land Rover Mapping”.  Each has a short film trailer which can be viewed “Can you believe that this art is from an old bus?” and “Can you believe that this art from an old Land Rover?”  In addition he has produced 4 related short videos of macro images taken around Beeston and on Nottingham’s streets: Ghost Bus Seaside Town with music by Simon, Richard, James and Tom Barton Colours of Nottingham Streets to “Can I think of Love” a song by Jeanie Barton Images of Beeston Streets ‘like blossom’ accompanied by “Soon” a song by Jeanie Barton Beeston Rylands – a short film along the Canalside

These are available to view together on a YouTube playlist

The Ghost Bus Project exhibits the power of combining visual and musical arts; the wonder of family history (the Barton family firm was for a time the largest independent bus operator in the world) and the beauty of what human beings can do through creativity and mutual cooperation.  It encourages us to take the time to look more closely at our surroundings and discover the stories our environment can tell us.

This visual arts film project is now touring! Next stop: in Beeston and Nottingham again, at the beginning of June 2019 (5-8). Let’s get on The Ghost Bus!

The Ghost Bus film premiere at Bartons Plc – Photo by Christopher FROST

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