It’s out! LamiAgenda 2019/2020 is ready! This year’s theme is “Di cotti & di crudi”, an Italian pun that means: “Cooked and raw”. The texts are in fact a guide to good and healthy nutritionMy artwork, “Strati di memoria n.2” (Memory Layers n.2), made with small pieces of waste paper, is the cover and characterizes the entire iconographic section.

LamiAgenda, published in Italy by I Quindici, has a square shape – this year also a new rectangular size – the texts are written in Easy Reading format (ideal for those who are subject to forms of dyslexia) and contains personalized pages made by the same schools. Yes, it’s a small masterpiece of design, starting from the cover, which is in line with the annual theme of the diary, devoted to food and to healthy and good nutrition, without excess and without food waste.

For infos:

1 20190722_152907_resized (2)

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