In Beeston, on the road to Nottingham (UK) you may have the surprise of running into a kind of art installation … Scratches, drawings, traces and lines come to life on the surface of a large yellow waste container (Central Waste). Yes, pure street art, or better: natural art on the street… Here are some of the many photographs I took around this large “pool” that carries with it the signs of time and human work.

The pictures featured in this photo-gallery are  just natural, random and not manipulated images of the amazing imperfection of the real world we see around us. They are part of “LaceR/Actions”, a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of torn and decomposed outdoor advertisings, natural cracks, scratches and urban/industrial tokens. Transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles (as pure silk), re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and disfigured posters and natural cracks and scratches give new meanings and expressions to matter decomposition, as you may see in this photo-gallery showing some works from my collection of about 120.000 images captured so far around the world.

Interested in acquiring these images in exclusive and original copies? Please contact:

© Roberto Alborghetti (37)

© Roberto Alborghetti


A Beeston, sulla strada per Nottingham (Regno Unito) puoi avere la sorpresa di imbatterti in una specie di installazione d’arte… Graffi, disegni, tracce e linee prendono vita sulla superficie di un grande contenitore giallo di rifiuti (Central Waste). Ecco alcune delle tante fotografie che ho scattato attorno a questa grande “vasca” che porta con se i segni del tempo e del lavoro.


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