Click and read The J. Cidel Collection – The Press Release:

Series of my macro photographs (Lacer/actions project) – you well know them through my blogsite – were acquired exclusively by Jeannie and Johnny Cidel, of J.Cidel Collection (Florida, USA) and gave birth to an extraordinary collection made in Italy: different kinds of bags and wallets are produced in Rimini by Viale Parma. I’m really proud and glad for this collaboration.

The bags are polyvinyl coated 100% cotton canvas with my artworks printed on them. There will be some leather accents in every bag where we see the solid color. Everything else is PVC coated 100% cotton canvas. They are being produced in Rimini by Viale Parma.

As people know, my artworks are not paintings or digitally manipulated pictures. The are simply photos of the world around us (torn and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches on industrial materials and urban stuff).

The J.Cidel Collection: Press Release, PDF: Click and Download

Press Release jcidel-preview-

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