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Ten years ago – it was 2009 – I published a portfolio dedicated to my “Lacer / Actions” project and reseacrh. I wanted to tell people about my hobby of photographing the decomposition of torn advertising posters. And I wanted to publish some of the tens of thousands of macro images I had already taken around the world.

And so “Pics of torn (publi)City” was published. Ten years later I am happy to remember that publication and give friends of this Blog the chance to download it for free. Thank you for your attention and have a good journey through emotions and states of mind aroused by these images that surround us. These are not paintings, but simply abstract photographs …


Roberto Alborghetti – LACER-ACTIONS Pics of torn (publi)City – 2009


Dieci anni fa – era il 2009 – pubblicavo un portfolio dedicato al mio progetto “Lacer/azioni”. Volevo raccontare del mio hobby di fotografare la decomposizione dei manifesti pubblicitari strappati. E volevo pubblicare alcune delle decine di migliaia di immagini macro che avevo già scattato, in giro per il mondo.

E così venne pubblicato “Pics of torn (publi)city”. A dieci anni di distanza sono lieto di ricordare questa pubblicazione e dare la possibilità agli amici di questo Blog di scaricarlo gratuitamente. Grazie per l’attenzione e buon viaggio attreverso emozioni e stati d’animo suscitati da queste immagini che stanno attorno a noi. Questi non sono dipinti, ma semplicemente fotografie astratte…




The restored San Marco Altarpiece, by Beato Angelico, returns to its Museum in Florence, The San Marco Museum. The San Marco Altarpiece was executed between 1438 and 1443 for the high altar of the church of San Marco. In 1438 Cosimo and Lorenzo de ’Medici obtained the patronage of the main chapel of the church, which they decided to renovate by relying on the work of Michelozzo. They then commissioned Fra ‘Angelico da Fiesole, for the new high altar – dedicated to the titular saint and saints Cosma and Damiano – a new and grandiose altar table.
The majestic panel was to constitute the culminating moment of the Medici commission, to show with magnificence the profuse commitment of the Medici to the church and convent of San Marco. In this circumstance it was decided to remove the triptych by Lorenzo di Niccolò, signed and dated 1402, which was destined for the convent of San Domenico in Cortona, where it still stands today.

The composition of the central pictorial table depicts a Sacred Conversation, at the center of which is the Madonna and Child enthroned between eight angels and eight saints. In front of the throne, located on a base with two steps, the angels and saints are divided into two groups. Saint Lawrence can be recognized from the left, who greets the faithful who approach the altar with the raised hand (he is the patron of Lorenzo, brother of Cosimo), Saint John the Evangelist (protector of Giovanni di Bicci, father of Cosimo), Saint Mark, to whom the church is dedicated, which shows his Gospel to John. On the other side of the throne, St. Dominic, the founder of the Order, who looks at Francis of Assisi, who in turn, together with St. Peter the Martyr, addresses the Virgin and Child.


“Mixed colors of Beethoven” was also created exactly 10 years ago: in September 13, 2009. I created it through the Animoto platform, accepting the challenge of producing a video clip of thirty seconds of maximum duration. I took some of the macro photographic images of torn advertising posters and mixed them with an unmistakable music: the universally known “Allegro con brio” from Simphony No.5 by Ludwig Van Beethoven. This is my second video clip for “Lacer/actions” project and it is one of the most viewed on Animoto. It confirmed me that “visuals” always need the colors of the sound.

Interested in these images in exclusive and original copies? Please contact:  funtasyeditrice@gmail.com

Anche “Mixed colors of Beethoven” è stato realizzato esattamente 10 anni fa: il 13 settembre 2009. L’ho creato attraverso la piattaforma Animoto, accettando la sfida di produrre un videoclip di trenta secondi di durata massima. Ho preso alcune delle immagini fotografiche macro di manifesti pubblicitari strappati e li ho “mescolate” con una musica inconfondibile: l’Allegro con Brio dalla Quinta Sinfonia di Ludwig Van Beethoven. Questo è il mio secondo videoclip. Mi ha confermato che i (miei) “visuals” hanno sempre bisogno dei colori del suono.

© Roberto Alborghetti






This is “Signs” (Segni).  It’s my first video clip made with Animoto, 10 years ago, in 2009. A few seconds, not even 30, to present some of the macro images I had taken around the billboards of advertising posters. There is obviously a bit of nostalgia in seeing this first video again, for my “Lacer/actions” project and research. Enjoy it!

Interested in acquiring these images in exclusive and original copies? Please contact:  funtasyeditrice@gmail.com


“Signs” videoclip by Roberto Alborghetti. © Roberto Alborghetti

E’ il mio primo videoclip realizzato con Animoto. Pochi secondi, nemmeno 30, per presentare alcune delle immagini macro che avevo scattato attorno ai tabelloni dei manifesti pubblicitari. C’è ovviamente un po’ di nostalgia nel rivedere questo primo video. Buona visione!

Per info: funtasyeditrice@gmail.com


© Roberto Alborghetti (40)

© Roberto Alborghetti

© Roberto Alborghetti (41)

© Roberto Alborghetti

© Roberto Alborghetti (42)

© Roberto Alborghetti

In Beeston, on the road to Nottingham (UK) you may have the surprise of running into a kind of art installation … Scratches, drawings, traces and lines come to life on the surface of a large yellow waste container (Central Waste). Yes, pure street art, or better: natural art on the street…#realstreetart #naturalstreetart. Here are some of the many photographs I took around this large “pool” that carries with it the signs of time and human work. Pictures showing and revealing lights and shadows…

The pictures featured in this photo-gallery are  just natural, random and not manipulated images of the amazing imperfection of the real world we see around us. They are part of “LaceR/Actions”, a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of torn and decomposed outdoor advertisings, natural cracks, scratches and urban/industrial tokens. Transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles (as pure silk), re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and disfigured posters and natural cracks and scratches give new meanings and expressions to matter decomposition, as you may see in this photo-gallery showing some works from my collection of about 120.000 images captured so far around the world.

Interested in acquiring these images in exclusive and original copies? Please contact:  funtasyeditrice@gmail.com

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A Beeston, sulla strada per Nottingham (Regno Unito) puoi avere la sorpresa di imbatterti in una specie di installazione d’arte… Graffi, disegni, tracce e linee prendono vita sulla superficie di un grande contenitore giallo di rifiuti (Central Waste). Ecco alcune delle tante fotografie che ho scattato attorno a questa grande “vasca” che porta con se i segni del tempo e del lavoro.


Video created for Lacer/actions project and research about torn and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, industrial and urban decompositions. They’re not paintings, but…simple macro photos of the reality around us: colors and shapes, glue and dust on the lacerated papers of torn publicity posters. Interested in these images for exclusive and original copies? Please contact: funtasyeditrice@gmail.com     

© Roberto Alborghetti