The relaxing and mysterious music created by Flute Ninja (笛忍者) – composer, artist and musician – meets my “Lacer/Actions” works in a videoclip titled “Falling Snow”. The clip presents an original Flute Ninja (笛忍者) composition accompanied by an image series from my photo collection of torn and decomposed publicity posters. The 21 works have white and green as prevailing colors, suggesting a sort of snow scenes from a winter garden… All the images come from a unique ripped poster that I saw some months ago along a street in Milan (Italy).  

I’m very glad about this collaboration created in distance thanks to the web: Flute Ninja (笛忍者) lives in Alabama (USA), he is composer, poet, shakuahachi player, martial artist (he enjoys drawing and painting nature and landscapes; his inspiration came from Bob Ross). Through  his YouTube channel NinjutsuLives, he spreads his passion for Japanese music and instruments as shakuahachi.

In “Falling Snow” composition (lenght: 3 minutes and 59 seconds). Flute Ninja (笛忍者) plays shinobue, a transverse Japanese bamboo flute which creates ethereal soundscapes. So welcome to this sensorial experience for ears, eyes, heart and mind… An invitation to stop for 4 minutes and go slowly… 

© Roberto Alborghetti




© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions

Series of Abstract Photos taken in Barletta (Puglia, Italy) for Lacer/actions project. Remembering July 12, 2016: 23 people were killed and dozens injured in a head-on collision between two passenger trains in the southern Italian region of Puglia, in one of the country’s worst rail accidents in recent years.

Serie di Foto Astratte scattate a Barletta… Videoclip In Memoria del 12 Luglio 2016 e delle vittime del tragico scontro ferroviario sulla linea Andria-Corato.




In this new videoclip you may see some abstract photos of Drip Artworks. They’re not paintings, but just random and not manipulated pictures I saw  in Sicily (Isola delle Femmine). They are part of my Lacer/actions Project and Research about decomposition of outdoor publicity, natural cracks and scratches, urban nd industrial matters. Soundtrack by Audiomachine : “Solace” (Out Standing). 


Drip painting is a form of abstract art in which paint is dripped or poured onto the canvas. This style of action painting was experimented with in the first half of the twentieth century by such artists as Francis Picabia, André Masson and Max Ernst, who employed drip painting in his works The Bewildered Planet, and Young Man Intrigued by the Flight of a Non-Euclidean Fly (1942).  Ernst used the novel means of painting Lissajous figures by swinging a punctured bucket of paint over a horizontal canvas.

I did it simply… taking pictures to the world around us. In fact, there is in a natural, random and spontaneous dripping left and created by the times, by the passages of time…by the weather…   

© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions

© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions


© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions, 2016


The day before yesterday, in Turin, returning from a visit to the exhibition “Tempo.Memoria” curated by Sergio Gomez at the MIIT (Museo Internazionale Italia Arte by Guido Folco, Corso Cairoli 4) I came across a number of scratches along Corso Vittorio Emanuele (advertising billboards, wastebins, light poles …) I took some shots … Turin goes on pop. Bold colors. This is Art On The Streets. These are macro photos. These are magnifications of the world around us. These are “Lacer / actions” …


L’altro ieri, a Torino, di ritorno dalla visita alla mostra “Tempo.Memoria” presso il MIIT (Museo Internazionale Italia Arte di Guido Folco, Corso Cairoli 4) mi sono imbattuto in una serie di graffi lungo Corso Vittorio Emanuele (tabelloni pubblicitari, cestini dei rifiuti, pali della luce…) Ho ripreso qualche scatto… Torino va sul pop. Colori decisi. Questa è l’Arte nelle Strade…Queste sono macro-riprese di ciò che ci circonda. Queste sono “Lacer/actions”…




 siena divina bellezza

If you’re lucky enough to be in Siena this Summer then you have an opportunity to discover the city like never before. This after dark, open air experience is a visual journey through time that sees the history, beauty, myths and emotions of this unique city displayed on a unique big-screen … the Cathedral!

When the sun goes down, the lights come up and a process known as ‘video mapping’ will see 3D images projected onto the stunning – and enormous – facade of Siena Cathedral (the Duomo) as monuments, historical events and amazing spectacles will be bought back to life in this dazzling presentation.

So, follow  Divina Bellezza – Dreaming Siena and start to experience what you will fully enjoy every evening at 9.30 pm (until the 30th of September). After a tasting of traditional Siennese products you will be catapulted in the history, traditions and beauty of Siena through a 3D video mapping exhibition projected on the facades of the Cathedral.

SIENA DUOMO pavimento

Dal 4 luglio al 30 settembre, ogni sera, il triplice imponente schermo architettonico del Duomo Nuovo si animerà attraverso un nuovo spettacolo culturale ed immersivo, di videomapping in 3D: un viaggio nella storia, un percorso attraverso l’alto senso civico che ha reso la città una delle più rappresentative d’Europa.


Il pubblico, seduto in platea e dotato di un dispositivo audio 3D in cuffia multilingua, sarà testimone della Divina Bellezza grazie ai 400.000 ansi lumen di potenza e una risoluzione di 7.000 pixel di alta tecnologia. Protagonisti dello spettacolo sono i senesi che hanno contribuito alla realizzazione di un paradigma che si fonda sul buon governo e i valori dell’etica. Una corda-strumento e una corda-ideale uniscono i cittadini invitandoli alla Con-cordia, all’unione dei cuori. Dalla Concordia politica scaturiscono gli effetti benefici sul governo della città che si riflettono sulle grandi opere. La corda lega metaforicamente la Cattedrale, simbolo del sentimento devozionale, al fulcro del Palazzo Pubblico, la sala dei Nove dipinta da Ambrogio Lorenzetti con le sue allegorie, “political ideas”.

Le danzatrici degli Effetti del Buon Governo di Ambrogio Lorenzetti si trasformano in moderne ballerine. I personaggi del passato continuano a parlare nel presente. La musica e la voce “senese”accompagnano le immagini del tempo che scorre scandito da orologi e campane in un abbraccio al pubblico seduto in platea all’interno Duomo Nuovo.

La Divina Bellezza è uno spettacolo promosso dall’Opera della Metropolitana di Siena e dal Comune di Siena, prodotto da Civita-Opera e realizzato da Unità C1 in collaborazione con Moviement HD.


Tutti i giorni dal 4 luglio al 30 settembre 2016 ad eccezione della domenica e del periodo dal 13 al 16 agosto.

Una rappresentazione al giorno alle ore 21:30, con degustazione di prodotti tipici a partire dalle ore 21:00


€ 15,00 intero

€ 12,00 ridotto: residenti nel comune di Siena

Gratuito: bambini fino a 6 anni, portatori di handicap e un accompagnatore

€ 27,00 combinato con Opa si Pass all inclusive ticket

I biglietti potranno essere acquistati presso la biglietteria del Complesso monumentale del Duomo di Siena, i punti vendita Ticketone, oppure contattando il servizio prenotazioni 0577 286300;;


Servizio per ipo-udenti

Il servizio fa parte del progetto dedicato all’accessibilità “Arte per tutti” e in occasione di Divina Bellezza, grazie alla collaborazione di Orpheo, sarà possibile l’utilizzo di un cavo a Induzione che, limitando i rumori esterni, permette ai visitatori ipo-udenti di beneficiare di una migliore qualità del suono, evitando la sovrapposizione delle cuffie all’apparecchio acustico.




© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions 2016

What you see in this photogallery are not collages built and created deliberately with my hands, joining and sticking piece by piece, but photos of real and random torn publicity posters I saw on an outdoor billboard. They are the result of various and different overlaps – which took place over weeks and months – of advertising publicity posters with different contents. 

I was lucky enough to catch them and to take pictures for my “Lacer/actions” Project and Archive which now count more than 90,000 abstract images I collected so far around the world.

I think that these random pics, as well as the thousands I have captured and documented so far , would really aroused the envy of Mimmo Rotella and  Jacques Villeglè… These artists worked advertising posters snatching them from the billboards. But I think that the true and genuine art – a sort of evolution of the same street art – consists of leaving the torn and decomposed publicity posters where they are staying: on the billboards. This could be a fascinating and random show which transforms our cities in free outdoor “galleries”…

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