‘’L’armillaire ou s’évader de ce monde sans lunes ’’ (Jacques Caux). La Fondation Vasarely a organisè une conférence débat autour du schématisme, ‘’une aventure singulière dans l’histoire des avant-gardes’’, animée par Jacques Caux, Co-fondateur du Schématisme, et Pierre-Johan Laffitte, sémioticien. La conférence aura lieu le jeudi 22 septembre 2011 à 19h à la Fondation Vasarely (entrée libre, 1 avenue Marcel Pagnol, Jas de Bouffan, Aix-en-Provence).

Le Schématisme est l’une des dernières avant-gardes encore vives, toujours en activité. S’il est resté volontairement en dehors des lois du marché, il n’en a pas moins proposé, au fil d’une cinquantaine d’années de recherches collectives et de créations individuelles, un langage pictural singulier. L’acte schématiste se plie à de nombreuses contraintes, tant théoriques que techniques. Il s’est incarné à travers un large éventail de techniques allant du tableau sur chevalet à la photographie en passant par la gravure, la céramique, l’informatique, le laser… Depuis les années 60, ce langage a donné naissance à une famille d’oeuvres multiforme, originale, reconnaissable d’emblée. C’est un tel ensemble d’oeuvres, sa forte cohérence autant que ses divergences, qu’il est possible d’englober aujourd’hui du regard. Lors de la séance du 22 Septembre à la fondation Vasarely, Jacques Caux, l’un des fondateurs du groupe, et Pierre Johan Laffitte, sémioticien, présenteront un décodage de lecture à partir d’une série d’oeuvres, et quelques pistes de réflexion sur l’histoire de cette avant-garde.


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Joshua Sellers, composer and producer based in West Memphis, posted me this message:

I had to share this funny (and pleasing) coincidence with you. Searching on YouTube for shakuhachi music, I came across a shakuhachi player Ninjutsu (far more disciplined than me!) who has recorded some wonderful music which I just downloaded from iTunes. But what was funny was that the top video he listed under his favourites on his YouTube page is our video for “Linger”! What a strange coincidence! LOL! I just had to share that odd discovery with you :-)”

Thanks Josh for sharing this curious coincidence: how small the web (and the world) are. On his Riverflow blog, Joshua explained what “shakuhachi” is. It is a Japanese end-blown flute. It is traditionally made of bamboo, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods. It was used by the monks of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen (吹禅?, blowing meditation). Its soulful sound made it popular in 1980s pop music in the English-speaking world.

 So here’s the link to NinjutsuLives on YouTube:


 Links to the “Linger” video on YouTube pages:

 Earscapes Channel


 Lacer/azioni Channel






The evocative and deep thoughts expressed by Dr.Srini Pillay about my art in his article at “The Huffington Post”, suggested me to create a videoclip-fragment. So, here it is: thirty seconds of words, music and one of my “lacer/actions” psycho-artworks; I selected “In amniotic fluid” (canvas, 57×87, 2010). The soundtrack is the beautiful Chopin’s “Nocturne n.2” .

It’s a sort of flash of some good thoughts about art and healing from Dr. Pillay, Psychiatrist, Harvard clinician, brain-imaging researcher, speaker, “Huffpo” columnist and author (“The Life Unlocked”, “The Brain and Business”, “Tle Science behind The Law of Attraction”).

These are the phrases from which I chose the videoclip words”Art is a form of healing whose effects we can see in the brain. When it is as beautiful as Alborghetti’s, it invites us to revisit the tragedy of terrorism, the horror of loss, and the beauty of our own resilience as we make our way through this mysterious life.”














Quantum Learning, Inc. (QLI), a research-based provider of advanced sales and marketing training programs, and Jay Elliot, author of the book “The Steve Jobs Way” http://www.thestevejobsway.com , jointly announced a licensing agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, QLI will develop and market a new training program called “Market-Leading Innovation(tm) (The path to Innovation Excellence)” which will be based on Elliot’s book.

“For the last three years, Quantum has been studying the behaviors and practices of some of the world’s most innovative market leaders and has developed a series of workshops to help senior managers, team leaders and individual contributors achieve the same success,” said Fredric Marshall, founder and CEO of Quantum Learning, Inc.

Market-Leading Innovation is a suite of research-based tools, skills and insights developed to measurably improve an organizations ability to design, build and deliver meaningful innovations. The program is designed to solve three strategic problems:

1. How do we design and deliver products/services that fundamentally reframe the rules of competition and set new standards customer value?

2. How do we take an existing organization with legacy people and systems and transform their ability to envision and execute market-leading innovations?

3. How do we create whole new categories of products/services (and hence revenue streams) that fundamentally change the future?

 “Jay worked directly with Steve Jobs for many years and understands as well as anybody on the planet how Steve Jobs and Apple consistently deliver market-leading innovations-year after year, product after product,” Marshall explained. “Steve Jobs pushed the boundaries of innovation in the tech industry by combining a unique approach to product design with masterful marketing,” said Jay Elliot, author of ‘The Steve Jobs Way.’ “Now, the book’s insight into how Steve went about orchestrating a successful product is being coupled with Quantum Learning’s expertise in achieving organizational change. It’s a perfect platform for helping large organizations execute market-leading innovations that fundamentally change the way their people interact with their customers.”

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Four blue colored images merge into the meditative sound of the Usa composer and producer. A videoclip “for the contemplative eye and ear”.


The meditative music created by Joshua Sellers – composer and producer – meets “Lacer/Actions” artworks by Roberto Alborghetti in a videoclip titled “Linger”. Made by Earscapes, the video presents a Joshua Sellers soundtrack accompanied by four images comin’ from the huge collection of Roberto Alborghetti (pics of torn posters and papers “captured” on cities walls). The pics – their titles are: “A quiet summer afternoon”, “A teardrop on your face”, “A wave on a shore” and “My dreams in a lonely night” – have the blue as a prevailing color. They suggested to Joshua Sellers to produce a clip “for the contemplative eye and ear”.

Joshua Sellers and Roberto Alborghetti are very glad about this collaboration borned and created in distance thanks to the web: Joshua lives in Arkansas (Usa) and Roberto overseas, in Italy (Europe). The meditative and slowly electronic sound of Joshua Sellers merge into the “Lacer/Actions” images that Roberto Alborghetti takes from ads billboards all around the world. A beautiful experience of sounds and colors (lenght: 9 minutes and 44 seconds). Josua Sellers said about it: “I do think that art and music can be a way of creating a meditative space, to slow down. It’s something I am naturally drawn towards I think.“


Joshua Sellers ( www.earscapes.com ) has attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe studying music composition. Over the years, Joshua has worked as a performer, songwriter, producer, engineer, DJ and musical collaborator in classical, rock, folk, jazz, avant-garde, electronica and ambient music. As a member of the pop-rock duo Joker, Joshua released the album Homecoming in 2009.

In addition to musical projects, Joshua Sellers has been given an arts grant by the state of Louisiana for a poetry reading at the Masur Museum of Art (1996). Joshua has also been a co-editor of Hart Beats, a journal of philosophy and spirituality published in Monroe (1996-1998).
Joshua has long been fascinated with the sound textures. As a child, he would play with tape recorders, altering the tape speed or running the tape in reverse. Joshua Sellers: “I discovered that you could use a recording device not simply to document sound, but to create unique sounds never heard before.”

Reviving his interest in these childhood experiments, Joshua first began recording ambient music under the pseudonym Murmur in 2003. Rather than rely on the latest state-of-the-art synthesisers, Joshua uses found sounds, toy keyboards, electric guitars and shakuhachi as sound sources.
Joshua Sellers: “In music, we place traditional musical elements like rhythm, melody and harmony in the foreground and so we tend to not notice the actual texture as much. In my music, that’s a perception I want to reverse.”
In 2010, Joshua Sellers completed his first full-length album of ambient music, Amniosis. A new EP, State of Flux, is due to be released later in 2011, followed by a large-scale work, Elemental. Joshua Sellers: “I like to think of my pieces as enigmatic abstract icons, each providing a quiet meditative space and luminous presence of its own.”
Joshua Sellers currently lives in West Memphis, Arkansas, with future plans to emigrate to New Zealand.



 Joshua Sellers websites: