The Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe today in Brussels announced the release of the Chess Teaching Platform, a software that will enable teachers to teach chess in the classroom and enable pupils to further learn and practice at home with the aid of remote assistance.

The Chess Teaching Platform is a web-based training program for children from 7 – 9 years. It includes a full chess curriculum, web-based training lessons, workbooks and an instruction manual for the teacher and the pupils. The software also automatically provides detailed statistics on the progress of each pupil, group or class. The Chess Teaching Platform is expected to be available in the Autumn 2012 and will be compatible with all popular computing platforms including laptops and tablets. All teaching materials have been prepared by leading training specialists and chess experts.

The Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe, launched mid 2011, is also celebrating its first anniversary. The mission of the non-profit organization is to bring the many educational benefits of chess to children and young people in Europe by providing a chess curriculum and enrichment programs. In its first year the Foundation has developed a working model, built an organization to fulfill its ambition and taken the case for Chess in Schools to European politicians and policy makers.

In March 2012 the European Parliament voted to introduce the Foundation’s program ‘Chess in School’ Europe-wide with a focus on chess as a powerful educational tool.

 Jan Callewaert, President of the Foundation: “This has been an extraordinary start-up year. We built the Foundation from scratch to an organization that has been recognized by the European Parliament, is talked about in the world of chess and has a first product, the Chess Teaching Platform, coming to market.”

 Garry Kasparov, Chairman of the Foundation: “In this first year we have made important steps forward with the Foundation. The support we got from the European Parliament was a clear indication of the educational values chess brings to children. With the announcement of our software Chess Teaching Platform we make another important step forward in turning our mission into reality. I’m looking forward to very exciting times.”



Last May Prince Albert II of Monaco won the bid on the first limited edition print of Karen Bystedt’s “The Lost Warhols” (www.KarenBystedt.com) collection at the Amber Lounge Grand Prix Charity Fashion Event. The winning bid came in at 32,000 Euros (over $40,000 USD). Bystedt’s photographs, taken at “The Factory” in New York when she was 19 years old, are some of the most unique images ever captured of the famous pop artist.


In 1982, Bystedt was a film and photography student at NYU. After seeing pop art icon Andy Warholin a Barney’s ad, she envisioned him as the ultimate male model and decided she wanted to photograph him. On a whim, Bystedt called Andy Warhol’s office, known as “The Factory”, and to her surprise, Andy himself picked up the phone. She told him about a book she was working on featuring the top male models in America, which she subsequently published, called “Not Just Another Pretty Face” (Plume/1983). After hearing about some of the famous male models she had in her roster, Andy was flattered and agreed to be pose for her. Andy’s secret desire was to be a model. Bystedt captured Warhol as he had never been seen before, posing for the camera and becoming the subject rather than the creator. Along with her photo session, she sat down with Andy for a candid interview where they discussed everything from fashion and politics, to Andy’s personal hopes, dreams, and icons. Commenting on the state of the world, Warhol told Bystedt, “In this country right now, since there’s no war on, everybody’s a beauty. It’s really scary. They’re here because they are not in the army.”


Bystedt kept her Andy Warhol photographs hidden from the world until now. Their sensational debut and the acquisition of one of the first of her rare prints by The Prince of Monaco has set the stage for collectors and fans of Andy Warhol all over the world. Bystedt is offering 44″ x 44″ limited edition prints and 24″ x 24″ box sets of “The Lost Warhols” that include ten unique prints as well as a proof sheet and quote sheets from her interview with Andy.

Visit www.KarenBystedt.com to view “The Lost Warhols” Collection.

* * *

About Karen Bystedt:

Karen Bystedt is a photographer and author based in Los Angeles. What sets Bystedt apart from other celebrity photographers is her unique ability to see stars before they have risen, roles before they have been played, and to support those manifesting their dreams. In 1993, Bystedt published “Before They Were Famous”, a collection of intimate photographs and candid interviews with actors such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock, Robert Downey Jr., Courtney Cox, Lawrence Fishburne, Laura Dern, Patrick Dempsey and many more. She continues to work in print, editorial and advertising in Los Angeles.

* * *

I’m so grateful to Karen Bystedt for givin’ permission to publish her two images. The framed image is the one bought by Prince Albert at the Amber Lounge event. Thank you so much Karen! R.A.    


Music is colour, image, movement, poetry… and a GLORIOUS MORNING too! This is the title of a great original piano solo by Gene Emerson, from Canada. Gene is a talented composer and pianist. I was really amazed and fascinated by her music. When I heard her “Glorious Morning” I immediately thought to some of my “Lacer/actions” artworks.

 And the idea to collaborate with Gene for a clip became stronger when I read her words about the meaning she gave to her beautiful piano composition.

Gene says : “Glorious Morning is really an ode to a beautiful, warm and sunny morning at the beginning of Spring, – after long cold winter – when the world is changing, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Such a great change in nature has inspired me to compose this piece. Also, I must say, I have found Rumi‘s lovely poem ‘Spring Arrives’ is very close to the spirit of this piece. His poem is so much full of optimism. He throws away all dogmas, religious fanaticism and pessimism. His free spirited vision of love and passion for life is so overwhelming. Although the poem is 800 years old, but Rumi’s description of flowers and trees would never become old and it is very relevant for our Spring in 2012…”


So we decided to create a videoclip, trying to mix Gene music and my artworks (images of torn posters and urban signs). I selected nine pics that recall me in some ways the  wonderful melody and the surprising Gene Emerson’s  performance. So, enjoy this video. Great music and colors for a dreamin’ and relaxing moment…


* * *

You may follow Gene Emerson at:





China Tv has produced a documentary about the internationally known designer Denis Burlet. Waiting to see the reportage – which is takin’ part of a series dedicated to great creative people – here a clip about the tv documentary “making off”. Denis Burlet, on January 6 2012, has received the honour to be selected for “Officiel du Club des 500 édition 2012” as a personality who operates for the development of the so called “La Grand Région”, a great French area gathering Saar, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhénani.

<iframe type=”text/html” width=”480″ height=”415″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/hOrqt20tuW4?autoplay=&amp;wmode=Opaque” frameborder=”0″></iframe>
            <div style=”font-size:0.9em;”>
  <a href=”http://vodpod.com/watch/16003596-designer-denis-burlet-on-china-tv-the-making-off”>DESIGNER DENIS BURLET ON CHINA TV – THE MAKING OFF</a>
– Watch more <a href=”http://vodpod.com”>Videos</a> at Vodpod.</div>

Vodpod videos no longer available.



A group of people with some experience in the area of storytelling would like to share their project with everyone who enjoys reading.


Lithographic Print by Roberto Alborghetti

Lacer/actions Project

Realistic Image of Torn and Decomposed Publicity Posters

cm 70x 50, framed,  2009


 “The Joy of Reading” is a group of people with some experience in the area of storytelling. They would like to share their project with everyone who is in touch with children and young people in general but above all with everyone that enjoys reading. This project consists of sending stories for free on a weekly basis.

They forward them via e-mail, at own address. All the stories have some values within: respect for nature, tolerance, tenderness, responsibility, solidarity and many more. They all aim at developing the reading skills among young people, as well as allowing some moments of reflection and dialogue about topics connected with human values. Along these weeks, the cycle of stories is dedicated to different Cultures and Traditions (the last one I’ve received is “Yudhisthira at Heaven’s Gate”).

I welcome this project (which, it is important to say, does not have any profitable aims). If you are interested in “The Joy of Reading” and if you know anyone interested in receiving the weekly stories by e-mail, please, contact the Pedagogical Team at: af@talestogrow.com

You can visit “The Joy of Reading” on Facebook where you can find more interesting stories about several different topics.



The green side of my “lacer/actions” artworks… But this time, the image doesn’t come from a torn poster sticked on a billboard. And neither it’s a picture taken on board, looking green fields from an aircraft… Guess where I took it from…




 IT’s out “Super Bad”, the new album “very carefully produced, composed, written, arranged, engineered, mixed and mastered” by Sweet P The Entertainer. I met him in June 2009 along the Walk of Fame. He was offering his demo cd to tourists… A story from the Dreaming America and from the Dreams that come True.


This is a story of a guy who dreamed to have a place in the music world. His name is Sweet P The Entertainer: “and he’s just what his name embodies”, he loves to say of himself.

I met him in june 2009, in Los Angeles, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A destiny’s sign? Yes, I think so. As other guys – singers, composers and musicians – he was running after tourists, offering them a demo cd with his music. He kindly stopped me and talked me about his compilation album – 16 tracks – home produced, home recorded and home manufactured. I remember what he said me : “Trust me, I’m the hottest music producer around here. This album home made is a tight blend of hip-hop, r’n’b, pop, rock and latin…All music is produced by me…Trust me”. I trusted my gut, as psychiatrist and Harvard clinician dr. Srini Pillay says about the role of intuition in his “The Brain and Business” book. I bought the compilation for some dollars. That guy thanked me smiling: “I’m the new Michael Jackson!”

It was June 2009 ( I had just left LA and I heard the sad news about the King of Pop’s death…) Back home, I put the compilation on cd player. That guy was right! Good hip-hop music. Nice vocal production. Beautiful rhythms and melodies. Accurate additional programming. A soulful atmosphere colored by a touch of pop and latin too. I contacted him via e-mail and I expressed my compliments.

The official biography – so ironical and disenchanted – tells about him: “ He’s a very well rounded Artist & Musician. He produces & engineers his own music, writes his own songs as well as sings & raps all the vocals. He plays several instruments including acoustic piano and acoustic guitar and is an electrifying performer on stage! Sweet P’s not only a great musician but he’s also an highly accomplished business man as well! He’s established himself as CEO of his own independent record label entitled “Rich Dreams Music” and does all of the promotion, marketing and management work himself on as well as off the internet! Please enjoy all of Sweet P’s videos and look for his new album coming this Summer/Fall…Thanks for your support, Stay Gold! Peace”.

 From then, we kept in touch through web sites (Myspace, Youtube, Facebook). Sweet P has been updating me about the preparation of his album. He worked so much. He suffered so much. But he never gave up. He likes to say about himself: “They didn’t believe in me but I believed in myself!” Bold and tenacious. He really deserves attention and respect, for his faith, for his enthusiasm.

Sweet P was impressed by my “psycho artworks” and we had a sort of video collaboration. In 2010 he sent me an abstract from his “Sweet P Lean” mixtape and I created a clip, ispired by his soundtrack. The result was a video, “(HIP) POP”, showing ten pop-oriented images; it intended to be also a sort of homage to the great pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997).

 And at last… A few days ago I receive this message: “Hey friends and fans it’s Sweet P The Entertainer! My new album will be soon available… It was very carefully produced, composed, written, arranged, engineered, mixed and mastered by myself and the first single & video is coming soon! In the meantime you can download my 8 song mix-tape for free on the datpiff link below and please feel free to share it with all of your close friends! My single from that mix-tape is entitled “Hey Girl”. You can check it out on my youtube channel as well. So thanks in advance for the support! Stay Gold, Peace. Sweet P The Entertainer”.

Well done, guy! I’m glad for you… Your dreams came true. I wish you all the best success! Yes, touching stories may born along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where people still hope and dream…

 Roberto Alborghetti

 LACER/ACTIONS – HIP (POP), CLIP 2010 (Sweet P Lean Mixtape)





Sweet P The Entertainer Presents “Hey Girl”


Download “The Sweet P Lean” Mixtape for Free!