In 1983, the Mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac, gave Pontus Hulten the task of creating a graduate school for research in contemporary art. Its antecendents were to be the Weimer Bauhaus School and Black Mountain College in the U.S., and it was meant to function as an alternative to Paris’s École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. The Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (Iheap) offers participants a course of study where they can free themselves from the inherited art history of the 20th century, by investigating crucial issues of art in the 21st Century, an ongoing history in which the participants will eventually take part.

IHEAP is the Education section of the Biennale de Paris. The programme presupposes an intellectual orientation to which it is desirable, but not indispensable, to adhere. The Institute is open to all those who have an interest in singular and extreme practices which currently and sporadically appear in the art world and elsewhere. Iheap is for those who want to change their artistic practice or professional activity, for those who after several years of art school want to break free of alienated learning, who expect more from a school than a framework for artistic production, for those who reject art as it is commonly practiced, and finally for those who wish to work on essential issues in intimate and experimental conditions.

Only twenty students a year are chosen to study at Iheap. The course of study is completed in two years (or sessions). The first year is composed of two ten-week cycles, three half-days each week, dedicated to a single theme. The second year is dedicated to the creation of an investigative text of thirty pages, without illustrations. Its purpose is to demonstrate the development of the participant’s research. The development of this document will be carefully followed by Iheap’s staff. Study at Iheap is equivalent to a post-graduate degree. The application fee is 65 euros. Tuition is 2000 euros for the first year, 500 euros for the second, payable in one or two installments. Financial assistance is available.

More informations:

Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (Iheap), Biennale de Paris, Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, 11 rue Berryer,  75008 Paris, Tél. : +33 (0)1 4534 3004, http://iheap.fr


  Dear defenders of our shores, river banks, lakesides and seabed, save the dates of 22, 23, 24, and March 25, 2012. The archetypal symbol for the protection and preservation of our coastlines in the fight against aquatic waste, Surfrider Foundation Europe is organising the 17th Ocean Initiatives. This year the target is the plastic that represents from 60 to 90% of the waste found (sources: Ocean Initiatives and UNEP report 2011). Ocean Initiatives integrate into the Rise Above Plastics campaign (RAP) launched by Surfrider US and embraced by the rest of the global network. RAP highlights the inevitable consequences of the plastic invasion on our ecosystems if we do not put a stop to it fast. The objective of the Rise Above Plastics campaign is to reduce the impact of single-use plastics on the marine environment by raising people’s awareness to the dangers of plastic pollution, and by advocating the reduction of their use. The solution lies in the rule of the 4 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle.

 Through these operations, Surfrider Foundation Europe aims at raising awareness, mobilizing citizens and public authorities to take action against the scourge of aquatic litter. Dear defenders of oceans, lakes, rivers and seabed, save the dates of 22, 23, 24, and March 25, 2012. Hundreds of operations throughout Europe and the world on beaches, lakes, rivers and seabed will be simultaneously organized by volunteers and local chapters. The extent of your mobilisation will also determine the impact and weight the demands of Surfrider Foundation Europe can have on the national and European institutions. With the support of Surfrider’s Head Office, every citizen has the opportunity to get involved in the fight against aquatic waste by organizing or participating in a clean-up operation. Surfrider Foundation Europe is responsible for coordinating the various operations, to provide logistical support to each volunteer and report on the event.

Event’s posters are available online; all information on Ocean Initiatives is available at: www.oceaninitiatives.org


Surfrider Foundation Europe is an environmental non-profit making organisation (conforming to the French law passed in 1901) created in 1990 in France (Biarritz). In the course of its existence it has acquired real expertise in researching environmental issues, campaigning on the local scale as well as creating and disseminating educational tools. Today it brings together a network of 1700 volunteers, 10000 members and over 45000 supporters with around forty local branches, active in 12 European countries. For more information: www.surfrider.eu




Appuntamento per tutti i difensori delle nostre coste, argini, fiumi e fondali marini il 22, 23, 24, e 25 marzo 2012. Simbolo per eccellenza della protezione e salvaguardia del nostro litorale, per lottare contro i rifiuti acquatici, Surfrider Foundation Europa organizza la 17ima edizione delle Iniziative Oceaniche. Quest’anno l’obiettivo è la plastica che rappresenta dal 60 al 90% dei rifiuti (fonti: Iniziative Oceaniche e rapporto dell’UNEP 2011).

Le Iniziative Oceaniches’integrano alla campagna Rise Above Plastics (RAP – Riduciamo la nostra impronta di plastica!) lanciata da Surfrider Stati Uniti e impiegata dal resto della rete mondiale. RAP spiega quali sono le conseguenze di questa invasione nelle nostre coste se non interveniamo rapidamente. L’obiettivo della campagna Rise Above Plastics è di ridurre l’impatto della plastica a unico utilizzo sull’ambiente marino sensibilizzando sul tema dei pericoli dell’inquinamento plastico e indicando come poterlo ridurre alla base. Come soluzione, la regola delle 4 R: rifiutiamo, riduciamo, riutilizziamo e ricicliamo. Surfrider Foundation Europe ambisce attraverso queste operazioni a sensibilizzare e mobilizzare i cittadini e i poteri pubblici al fine di lottare contro il flagello dei rifiuti acquatici.

Appuntamento a tutti i difensori degli oceani, laghi, fiumi e fondali marini il 22, 23, 24, e 25 marzo 2012. Centinaia di operazioni ovunque in Europa e nel mondo in spiagge, laghi, fiumi e fondali marini saranno simultaneamente organizzate da volontari e dalle antenne locali. Da questa mobilitazione dipendono l’impatto e il peso delle rivendicazioni di Surfrider di fronte alle istituzioni nazionali ed europee. Con l’appoggio della sede di Surfrider, tutti i cittadini hanno la possibilità d’impegnarsi per combattere i rifiuti acquatici organizzando o partecipando a un’operazione di pulizia. Surfrider Foundation Europa s’incarica della coordinazione delle differenti operazioni, di apportare un sostegno logistico a ciascun volontario e di promuovere l’evento. Tutte le informazioni riguardanti le Iniziative Oceaniche sono disponibili sul sito: www.oceaninitiatives.org


Surfrider Foundation Europeè un’associazione ambientalista (legge francese 1901) creata nel 1990 in Francia (Biarritz). Durante il corso della sua esistenza, ha sviluppato una reale competenza nel campo della ricerca, azione locale come anche nella creazione e diffusione di strumenti pedagogici. Oggi l’associazione unisce una rete di 1700 volontari, 10000 aderenti, più di 45000 simpatizzanti di una quarantina di antenne locali attive in 12 paesi d’Europa.

Per maggiori informazioni: www.surfrider.eu




‘’L’armillaire ou s’évader de ce monde sans lunes ’’ (Jacques Caux). La Fondation Vasarely a organisè une conférence débat autour du schématisme, ‘’une aventure singulière dans l’histoire des avant-gardes’’, animée par Jacques Caux, Co-fondateur du Schématisme, et Pierre-Johan Laffitte, sémioticien. La conférence aura lieu le jeudi 22 septembre 2011 à 19h à la Fondation Vasarely (entrée libre, 1 avenue Marcel Pagnol, Jas de Bouffan, Aix-en-Provence).

Le Schématisme est l’une des dernières avant-gardes encore vives, toujours en activité. S’il est resté volontairement en dehors des lois du marché, il n’en a pas moins proposé, au fil d’une cinquantaine d’années de recherches collectives et de créations individuelles, un langage pictural singulier. L’acte schématiste se plie à de nombreuses contraintes, tant théoriques que techniques. Il s’est incarné à travers un large éventail de techniques allant du tableau sur chevalet à la photographie en passant par la gravure, la céramique, l’informatique, le laser… Depuis les années 60, ce langage a donné naissance à une famille d’oeuvres multiforme, originale, reconnaissable d’emblée. C’est un tel ensemble d’oeuvres, sa forte cohérence autant que ses divergences, qu’il est possible d’englober aujourd’hui du regard. Lors de la séance du 22 Septembre à la fondation Vasarely, Jacques Caux, l’un des fondateurs du groupe, et Pierre Johan Laffitte, sémioticien, présenteront un décodage de lecture à partir d’une série d’oeuvres, et quelques pistes de réflexion sur l’histoire de cette avant-garde.


Pour plus d’informations,

Téléphone : +33 (0)4 42 20 01 09






 This is the prevalling offer that Bruno Boggia Disegni will bring to the international event for textile and fashion operators (September 20-22).


Colors, colors and many more colors. This is the prevalling offer that Bruno Boggia Disegni will bring to the famous “Indigo”, the Paris international event for textile and fashion operators (September 20-22, Hall 5, 5Y41, Indigo Salon, Paris-Nord Villepin).

As Lucia Boggia says, the showroom idea came from the trends book by Chiron, who was inspired by Odyssey stories, imagining escapes from monotony and monochromatism. In Paris, Bruno Boggia will propose designs that will be the trends for spring-summer 2013 and – for the American market only – for autumn-winter 2013. The Indigo is traditionally considered the “first view“ on what is going to happen in the world-fashion. The Paris Indigo will offer ideas and suggestions to be compared with the nexts pret-a-porter défilès and shows.

Lucia Boggia, with the assistance of her father Bruno and collaborators, prepared textile designs (silk, satin, chiffon) set to win over eyes and curiosity of a worldwide customer base. The Indigo “Première Vision” will be preceded by events scheduled at the Westminster Hotel (Paris, Rue de la Paix) where will take place meetings with customers and fashion operators (September 18-19).




La Galerie Susini (Aix-en-Provence, France) réouvre ses expositions avec l’Artiste Sofie Prenez Photographies.

Pour repartir de plus belle, la Galerie Susini ( 19 Cours Sextus, Aix-en-Provence, France) réouvre ses portes, et vous invite à découvrir sa exposition avec l’Artiste Sofie Prenez Photographies, ouverte jusqu’au 24 septembre 2011 (vernissage: 9 septembre, h.18,30, avec la presence de l’Artiste).

“Sofie Prenez nous entraîne dans un urbanisme onirique où l’acte créateur est au coeur de la pratique. Ses photographies en tant qu’ images tableaux sont autant d’invitation au voyage. Dans cette série, les images sont habitées par la figure de la Femme, elle est l’ondine mélancolique, l’esprit de la nature, la femme orchidée, le visage immanent. L’orchidée est récurrente comme un symbole fort et transcendé du féminin. La volupté féminine voyage à la frontière tenue qui sépare la mélancolie du songe. Une immersion dans l’intime, un appel à la subjectivité du spectateur.

La notion d’hybridation imprègne les visions picturales de l’artiste. Les photographies et le graphisme se côtoient révélant ainsi le mélange des influences ; la nature sauvage et luxuriante qui reprend ses droits face à la cavalcade urbaine, la dureté des lignes qui s’entrechoquent face à la douceur des courbes, les tons froids en rupture avec les couleurs chaudes. Le regard du spectateur est invité à plonger dans ce monde hybride. Il parcourt un univers muséal transfiguré par la présence des muses qui sont des miroirs aux multiples faces reflétant tour à tour la créatrice, le sujet regardant, le sujet regardé et les apparences illusoires de celui qui s’y regarde. Tout porte vers le regard, une métaphore du regard hybride”.

Pour plus d’informations: