IT’s out “Super Bad”, the new album “very carefully produced, composed, written, arranged, engineered, mixed and mastered” by Sweet P The Entertainer. I met him in June 2009 along the Walk of Fame. He was offering his demo cd to tourists… A story from the Dreaming America and from the Dreams that come True.


This is a story of a guy who dreamed to have a place in the music world. His name is Sweet P The Entertainer: “and he’s just what his name embodies”, he loves to say of himself.

I met him in june 2009, in Los Angeles, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A destiny’s sign? Yes, I think so. As other guys – singers, composers and musicians – he was running after tourists, offering them a demo cd with his music. He kindly stopped me and talked me about his compilation album – 16 tracks – home produced, home recorded and home manufactured. I remember what he said me : “Trust me, I’m the hottest music producer around here. This album home made is a tight blend of hip-hop, r’n’b, pop, rock and latin…All music is produced by me…Trust me”. I trusted my gut, as psychiatrist and Harvard clinician dr. Srini Pillay says about the role of intuition in his “The Brain and Business” book. I bought the compilation for some dollars. That guy thanked me smiling: “I’m the new Michael Jackson!”

It was June 2009 ( I had just left LA and I heard the sad news about the King of Pop’s death…) Back home, I put the compilation on cd player. That guy was right! Good hip-hop music. Nice vocal production. Beautiful rhythms and melodies. Accurate additional programming. A soulful atmosphere colored by a touch of pop and latin too. I contacted him via e-mail and I expressed my compliments.

The official biography – so ironical and disenchanted – tells about him: “ He’s a very well rounded Artist & Musician. He produces & engineers his own music, writes his own songs as well as sings & raps all the vocals. He plays several instruments including acoustic piano and acoustic guitar and is an electrifying performer on stage! Sweet P’s not only a great musician but he’s also an highly accomplished business man as well! He’s established himself as CEO of his own independent record label entitled “Rich Dreams Music” and does all of the promotion, marketing and management work himself on as well as off the internet! Please enjoy all of Sweet P’s videos and look for his new album coming this Summer/Fall…Thanks for your support, Stay Gold! Peace”.

 From then, we kept in touch through web sites (Myspace, Youtube, Facebook). Sweet P has been updating me about the preparation of his album. He worked so much. He suffered so much. But he never gave up. He likes to say about himself: “They didn’t believe in me but I believed in myself!” Bold and tenacious. He really deserves attention and respect, for his faith, for his enthusiasm.

Sweet P was impressed by my “psycho artworks” and we had a sort of video collaboration. In 2010 he sent me an abstract from his “Sweet P Lean” mixtape and I created a clip, ispired by his soundtrack. The result was a video, “(HIP) POP”, showing ten pop-oriented images; it intended to be also a sort of homage to the great pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997).

 And at last… A few days ago I receive this message: “Hey friends and fans it’s Sweet P The Entertainer! My new album will be soon available… It was very carefully produced, composed, written, arranged, engineered, mixed and mastered by myself and the first single & video is coming soon! In the meantime you can download my 8 song mix-tape for free on the datpiff link below and please feel free to share it with all of your close friends! My single from that mix-tape is entitled “Hey Girl”. You can check it out on my youtube channel as well. So thanks in advance for the support! Stay Gold, Peace. Sweet P The Entertainer”.

Well done, guy! I’m glad for you… Your dreams came true. I wish you all the best success! Yes, touching stories may born along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where people still hope and dream…

 Roberto Alborghetti

 LACER/ACTIONS – HIP (POP), CLIP 2010 (Sweet P Lean Mixtape)





Sweet P The Entertainer Presents “Hey Girl”


Download “The Sweet P Lean” Mixtape for Free!






The evocative and deep thoughts expressed by Dr.Srini Pillay about my art in his article at “The Huffington Post”, suggested me to create a videoclip-fragment. So, here it is: thirty seconds of words, music and one of my “lacer/actions” psycho-artworks; I selected “In amniotic fluid” (canvas, 57×87, 2010). The soundtrack is the beautiful Chopin’s “Nocturne n.2” .

It’s a sort of flash of some good thoughts about art and healing from Dr. Pillay, Psychiatrist, Harvard clinician, brain-imaging researcher, speaker, “Huffpo” columnist and author (“The Life Unlocked”, “The Brain and Business”, “Tle Science behind The Law of Attraction”).

These are the phrases from which I chose the videoclip words”Art is a form of healing whose effects we can see in the brain. When it is as beautiful as Alborghetti’s, it invites us to revisit the tragedy of terrorism, the horror of loss, and the beauty of our own resilience as we make our way through this mysterious life.”













Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders”: it’s a new book by Dr. Srini Pillay, who provides evidence-based research on the importance of “trusting your gut”.

Intuition—a “preemptive sense that something is happening” –occurs because our brains make up their minds with early subtle information, says Srini Pillay, M.D. In other words our brains, at a subliminal level, are capable of recognizing patterns , accurately evaluating situations and coming up with a plan.” Many leaders are highly intuitive, says Dr. Pillay, but too often struggle with how much to trust their gut reactions, and in that struggle lose something extremely valuable, both personally and professionally.  Brain science can help us understand why to harness intuition and how to do this more effectively.

Dr. Pillay’s insights are well worth paying serious attention to. A highly respected psychiatrist (Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School) and Invited Faculty at Harvard Business School, he is also a neuroscientist with 17 years of brain imaging research at Harvard as well as a successful business owner and executive coach (
www.neurobusinessgroup.com). Having closely studied the role of intuition, Dr. Pillay provides evidence-based research on the importance of “trusting your gut” in business and devotes an entire chapter to this in his new book, Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders (FT Press, 2011).
In the book, which is now being used as a basis for leadership development in several companies, Dr. Pillay tells the story of a client he once coached who did trust her intuition even though all factors pointed her in a different direction.  She interviewed for a senior management position with a significant pay raise, more flexibility, and more responsibility,  The Fortune 500 company wanted to hire her.  But as she walked around meeting people she detected fear and threat from the employees. With no rational reasons, just the “discomfort” she felt, she turned down the offer.  A few months later, the company had suffered a collapse that led to a significant restructuring that would have left her without a job.  As Dr. Pillay concluded, “It was fortunate she was listening to these signals from within. I think this is an excellent cautionary tale for anyone to consider.”  
Dr. Pillay is also the author of Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear (Rodale, 2010), which won the Books for a Better Life Award for Best Motivational Book for 2010 award, and in which he offers perspectives on empathy, remorse and the brain.  That book, also voted one of the top five health books for 2010 by Men’s Journal, will be out in paperback this August 30.