© Roberto Alborghetti

On kind request, I’m glad to dedicate this post to “Lacer/actions” artworks I used to create GLORIOUS MORNING CLIP with the beautiful piano solo by Canadian composer and pianist Gene Emerson. When I heard her “Glorious Morning” composition I immediately thought to some of my recent artworks (images of torn poster and urban signs). I think these artworks try to interpret the sense of Gene’s piano solo inspired by a Rumi‘s ode.

Gene says : “Glorious Morning is really an ode to a beautiful, warm and sunny morning at the beginning of Spring, – after long cold winter – when the world is changing, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Such a great change in nature has inspired me to compose this piece. Also, I must say, I have found Rumi’s lovely poem ‘Spring Arrives’ is very close to the spirit of this piece. His poem is so much full of optimism. He throws away all dogmas, religious fanaticism and pessimism. His free spirited vision of love and passion for life is so overwhelming. Although the poem is 800 years old, but Rumi’s description of flowers and trees would never become old and it is very relevant for our Spring in 2012…”

I want to thank all the people who appreciated the videoclip throughout the web!

* * *