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“A great team for a great work”: this video shows some images about the making of “Francesco” (“Francis”) the first illustrated and historical biography – written by journalist and author Roberto Alborghetti for Velar-Elledici Publishing – about the new Pope.  This work is the result of the wonderful participation of many people – about 30 persons! – to whom we want to dedicate this videoclip. Without them, without the precious collaboration of each of them, we could never accomplish and complete this important and best selling book. The work (in Italian language, but publishing company is planning an English version for e-books market) was carried out in two versions: a single volume and a special edition in two volumes + slipcase.   


Pope Francis and author Roberto Alborghetti during the private encounter in Casa Santa Marta (Vatican City, Rome) for the presentation of the biography.

Pope Francis and author Roberto Alborghetti during the private encounter in Casa Santa Marta (Vatican City, Rome) for the presentation of the biography.


Over 550,000 lines of text, 14 chapters, 340 photographs, 6 months of work and researches: these are the numbers that define the “first historical and illustrated biography” about new Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the 266 th Pope of history, the first to assume the name of Francis, the first South American Pope, the first Pope belonging to the Society of Jesus.

Francis” helps us to know a “son of Italian immigrants” who became the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. The volumes – “the most-awaited event for Italian publishing industry” as media stated – dig deep into the historical records and documents starting from the news about the Pope’s family, reconstructing moments and facts concerning the emigration from Italy to Argentina, specifying dates, times and procedures.

The Author writes about the childhood of the future Pope Francis, his progressive steps in education, his lung disease, his religious vocation on the backdrop of social and historical scenarios of Argentina. “Francis” also delves into the distinctive elements of cultural education of the future Pope Francis, his relations with the  world of Latin American thinkers, authors and essayists (Jorge Luis Borges, Methol Ferre, Gera, Scannone) who drew new perspectives for South American continent. The book  contextualizes informations and news related to the evolution of social and historical periods in Argentina, as president Peron’s age. 

Unpublished testimonies help to discover Jorge Mario Bergoglio during his years at the helm of the Jesuits in Argentina, his pastoral insights, his role in saving lives during the military dictatorship (1976-1983), his experiences as rector at the Collegio Massimo in San Miguel, his presence in the “barrios” between the poor and emergencies in Buenos Aires, sharing the difficulties of the population in the years of severe economic crisis that hit Argentina at the beginning of the Twenty-First century. The last chapters are dedicated to the first months of Francis pontificate.




New videoclip from Roberto Alborghetti ‘s “Lacer/actions” arts. Inspired by a French movie directed by Chris Marker.


Some words about my new clip “L’air est rouge” posted yesterday. Red is one of the colors that predominate in my “Lacer/actions” artworks (images of torn posters). Red is the color of this festive season. And red is the color that expresses strength, energy, vitality, life … It’s dedicated to red color my new clip “L’air est rouge”, avowedly inspired by a French film directed in 1977 by Chris Marker (“Le fond de l’air est rouge”), docu-movie about revolutions that have marked the world during the 1967-1977 decade.

 Revolutions usually take place on the streets. And I collect my images along the streets. Like those of this clip, in which the red textures are perhaps the metaphor of how today the air is red (again), full of expectations and hopes about a great change in our world. My “revolutionary” wish for 2012 is for a social order in which everyone feels represented and respected. Art can do a lot for this.

 Nothing of apocalyptic in my clip – in a certain sense, we already live in an apocalypse – but “l’air est rouge…”


Clip: L’air est rouge (la rèvolution est proche…)

Created by: Roberto Alborghetti

Lenght: 32”

Soundtrack: Le sentiment de l’amour, by Thiae

Images from “Lacer/actions” collection.




Il rosso è tra i colori che maggiormente predominano tra le mie “lacer/azioni” (immagini della pubblicità strappata). Rosso è il colore di questi giorni natalizi. E da sempre il rosso è il colore che esprime forza, energia, vitalità, vita… Ed è proprio dedicato al rosso il mio nuovo clip “L’air est rouge”, titolo dichiaratamente ispirato da un film francese del 1977, diretto da Chris Marker (“Le fond de l’air est rouge”), documento a più voci sulle rivoluzioni che nel mondo hanno scandito il decennio 1967-1977.

Le rivoluzioni di solito si fanno per strada. E per strada io raccolgo le mie immagini. Come quelle di questo clip, dove le trame di rosso sono forse la metafora di come davvero l’aria sia oggi davvero rossa, ancora carica di attese e di speranze che portino nel mondo quel grande cambiamento ed un ordine sociale in cui tutti si sentano rappresentati e rispettati. Niente di apocalittico nel mio clip – in un certo senso, già viviamo in un apocalisse – ma “l’air est rouge”…






Music is image. Music is colour. Music is movement. This is an universally known concept. I really saw and felt it listening to Sofiya Uryvayeva‘s music. Sofiya is a talented pianist. We met on our own YouTube channels. I was impressed by her music and by her power to do magics with the piano. And she was fascinated by my Lacer/actions artworks (images from details of torn posters and urban signs).

So we decided to create a clip, trying to mix Sofiya music and my artworks. From her YouTube channel I choose an extraordinary track that Sofiya recorded live in June 11, 2011: “Chopin Revolutionary Etude”. And I really realized that pianist Sofiya “projects her true love and passion for music with such intensity that the listener is swept into another world. Her tones and melodies are alive and vibrant; they appear from nowhere and seem to have a beating heart.”

So, I selected ten images that recall me in some ways the Chopin’s powerful melody and the surprising Sofiya’s performance. The clip has a lenght of 30 seconds. Only 30 seconds. But Sofiya music transports us as well as “to places never before experienced: a whirlwind journey of emotion and excitement.”

 Links to clip:


Sofiya Uryvayeva was born in Siberia with music in her soul. She was just a little girl when a seasoned and learned man proclaimed, “This girl has something very profound to say in music!” Since she was 13 years old, the young pianist has been actively concertizing throughout the world. Her musical achievements include recognition and top prizes in numerous national and international competitions. Sofiya graduated from the Odessa Stolyarsky Music School for highly talented and selected children in Ukraine. But she

always studied everything on her own. Music professors often commented and admired her unusual talent for playing the most difficult and challenging music. She consistently demonstrated that there virtually nothing that she could not master. Her main teacher was the music.

At the age of eighteen Sofiya was awarded the President’s Scholarship of Ukraine a rare and distinguished honor in her home country. Sofiya subsequently studied at the Odessa State Musical Academy and at the age of twenty was invited to Germany for post-graduate study as recipient of a full scholarship from Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg. While in Germany, she earned a Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree in Music Performance, and performed in many concerts, including solo and chamber music programs, receiving the highest accolades and the most rave reviews from both the German public and press. Modern German composer P.M. Braun stated that Sofiya was “one of the best in her generation”.

In 2009 Sofiya moved to the USA – she was approved for US residency as an “alien of extraordinary ability” – where she has continued her burgeoning performing career. Her most recently performance took place at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Miami which was filmed and broadcast on television, in addition to live performances on the South Florida Radio, at the Boca Raton Steinway Piano Gallery and at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. Her concerts have been described by critics as “A Festival for All the Senses, for the Soul and for Life;” “Magic Ride on the Witch’s Broom;” and “Brilliant Technique with Soul”. Upon hearing her play, one of the listeners proclaimed to the entire audience, “After hearing this pianist, life starts anew!” Another man added, “After this I want to live more!”