A videoclip created by Roberto Alborghetti:

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Oil-paintings? Collages? Decoupages? Chalks pastels? Acrylics? No, nothing of all that. They are “LaceR/Actions”… Roberto Alborghetti’s psycho-artworks.

It has been a long time that Roberto – journalist, writer, photographer, visual artist – works on his project. His research-enquiry is concerning ripped advertisings, torn posters and papers. He “captured” thousands of pictures from city walls all around the world. Abstract and visionary images become art works, reproduced on canvas or on other materials (textiles, paper, glass…) Alborghetti’s artworks gather and mixs up – in a provocative way – different languages, street art, video art, photography, performances, graphic, videoclips, textiles design a.s.o.

It’s an astonishing “dimension of colours” that invites us to discover that in the reality “we may see thing that we don’t even imagine”. Some of Roberto Alborghetti ‘s “Lacer/Actions” were shown in a booklet-portfolio that collects a very little selection of the images (about 30.000) that he took during his research. Alborghetti is also invited to lead workshops about his artworks.

In July 2010, 30.000 people visited Roberto Alborghetti ‘s show “The Four Elements of LaceR/Actions” during the three days exhibition at Oriocenter (Milano Bergamo Orio International Airport). Roberto Alborghetti’s pics are also taking part of experiences about sensorial and emotional perceptions (sinestesys) concerning kinesiologic tests. One of the most recent artworks has been selected to take part of the forthcomin’ Contemporary Art Museum that the artist Pasquale Martini is creating in Italy (Marche region). Roberto’ s artworks also meet music. In collaboration with emerging musicians and composers, he produced clips based on themes or particulars arguments, as the video dedicated to the Nine Eleven Fallen.

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